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Merry Christmas & Happy Hanukkah

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Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to all of my friends on this board. I hope that you are able to have a day pain free with family and friends. God Bless all of you!

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I wish the same for you also, Jami. God Bless.

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Hello To All My Friends ....This is a bittersweet Christmas for me. As most of you know Mom passed on the 1st of December. There were so many plans I had for this holiday because I felt it would be the last we were to have together. Now I am trying to just get through the days. I have no other family but I do have some really good friends. I do have a holiday story to share with all of you. Last year at this time both Mom and myself were in the same re-hab hospital through the holidays. We had rooms down the hall from each other. She was trying to get her strength back after the surgery she had during the summer. My friends and her doctor did everything they could to get us together for that Christmas. And I am so grateful they did. Last year at this time I had a 3 inch spinal tumor removed. I could not walk for two months. In re-hab Mom would be speeding along with her walker...89 mind you, and there I was, struggling to stand. She'd always call out"keep going honey, you're doing great." Well, she was a tough girl to keep up with. On Christmas eve we both were in therapy together doing our moves, when Mom started crying. She just felt that she couldn't help me with anything. I told her it was helping me by knowing where she was and that we were together. And that we got to spend Christmas and New Year's together. In fact on New Years Eve we took our wheelchairs out for a roll and did a tour of the floor while most of the other people were sleeping. It got so that when a nurse would see one of us she would look to see if the other one was nearby. I was diet restricted due to steroids but Mom wasn't. Each time she got extra munchies she'd slip them to me and I'd speed back to my room like a little kid with them. We were quite a team. This year I am sure Mom is celebrating big time. Able to walk, see and dance with my Dad if she wants to. I can feel her in my heart. But it still hurts knowing what all she went through these last two years. I have followed many of your stories here. And I think you all are just the most wonderful bunch of folks I have ever known. I continue to be inspired by you each time I read this board. On days when I feel down I come here and read and send a silent prayer to you all. I hope this season brings you wonderful memories and wonderful joys. Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to all of you. Cindy

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I lost my Mom 2 years ago to colon cancer, so I completely understand what you are feeling. I hope it helps a little to know that many of us share in your loss. I also lost two aunts in 1 week (just 2 weeks ago), one to lung cancer. Then, I lost a friend, several days later to ovarian cancer. Sometimes it just doesn't appear that things will ever be better. But, there is still always something to be thankful for. And for you, I am so greatful you had your mom by your side during such a difficult time. I'm thankful that you were able to share strength and now you have so many wonderful memories.

May you enjoy the time with your friends - please accept any offers to share a dinner, a day or whatever. It will help a great deal. In the meantime, my prayers are with you that your broken heart will heal soon and be filled with all the memories and joys of your Mom. Merry Christmas, and may the New Year be a blessed one for you.
Hugs. . .

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Thank you for the greetings, Jamilou, and the same to you! I wish and your family a wonderful new year!

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