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CT Scan Results

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Hi All:

I had my first ct scan on Friday since my diagnosis. I had it a day early because I wound up in the ER with severe abdominal pain. So, they did a ct scan and couldn't find anything wrong (except cancer of course) so it was determined that the Avastin was causing my pain. I'm much better now. Anyway, the results of my ct scan were:

1. NO tumors have increased in size and NO new tumors have developed (whew)
2. ALL tumors (both lung & liver)have been shown to shrink, with the one on my liver doing the best. The tumor went from 2 cm to 1.5 cm. (There are numerous tumors in my lungs, but all showed a least a minimal amount of shrinkage).
3. My CEA level has been dropping steadily. It went from 4.9 in August to 3.2 in December
4. The biggest surprise was it looks like I have gallstones and need an ultrasound (YIKES..sure just keep piling more on).

This is the first ct scan that I've had since my diagnosis in August. I have 5 rounds of chemo (5FU/Oxaliplatin/Avastin/Leucovorin, etc)and I'm due for my next round on Wednesday & Thursday (Dec 27 & 28...Happy New Year).

I have been trying to find some information on whether my response to the chemo is usual or if people respond better than I did. I am looking at my ct scan results as a POSITIVE thing and I was flying high yesterday. I'm actually looking forward to treatment and kicking butt on some more cancer cells. It has to be good, right, the disease did not progress?

Anyway, I wish each and everyone of you a Happy Holiday Season and the best in 2007. I think we ALL deserve it. Prayers all around.


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Congrats Annie! Sounds like good news to me! Shrinkage and dropping CEA is awesome! Carl is having his second round of FOLFOX on Wednesday also, so it looks like it will be a great New Year for us too :)
Merry Christmas,

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Hey Annie - So happy that your tumors are shrinking and that your CEA is shrinking as well. Quick question. I have a something on my liver that has not been classified as of yet - and I have been told it was too small to biopsy...only about 1-1.5cm. How were they able to classify yours? A PETscan? Just wondering and Happy Holidays - Maura

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I never had any biopsies. I belive they classified the tumor through the pet or ct scan.

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CONGRATS!!!! on the shrinkage and NO signs of growth. Since everyone's DNA is different, each individual response to chemo drugs differently. I was on the FLOFX regime, which is 5FU, Oxy & Lecu. I was great for the first 3 treatments then began having issues with side effects. REMEMBER, tell your ONC Doc all the side effects, weirdness, etc you have while on chemo so they can keep track of your Toxicity level. If the side effects get worse you can always discuss lower the dosage, but remember, everyone is different.

Keep killing those ******* cells!!!!

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All sounds like good news to me (except for the gall stones). Congrats!

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