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thanks to all of you for your continued support.
I saw my oncoligist this morning. He keeps an eye out on my blood count because of this anemia issue. I now developed over night a type of phlebtiis on the top of my foot. Just what I need.
I thought it was a blood clot. Oncoligist says no, its from just not being able to move around.
Dr. is very concerned of the lymph nodes being enlarged. states if he can see thru the belly he will be able to tell me what is wrong. he also said to take care of that back pain. I am having
khyoplasty next week. He said the lymphnodes are very deep and to take them out would be big surgery. To do a needle guided biopsy is debateable. He said it does not make sense to him that the radioligists are picking up these large lymph nodes coincidently along with the compression fractures and the disuse colitis of the remaiming colon. Does it drain into these lymphnodes. he is not sure. Possibly when my back is better I will be going into Manhattan for yet another big surgery to remove the rest of the colon and rectum and maybe the surgeon will check those lymph nodes. All depends upon the petscan. I am trying to relax as best as I can. My husband has been very supportive as well as my family.
And of course everybody here on this site. I will try to take your advice and stay calm. These painmeds definitely have an effect on me. I will
keep you posted. Your friend Fran

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Hi Fran:
It sounds like the medical profession is stayoing on top of things and it makes alot of sense that the really enlarged nodes could be due to some colitis etc...think good thoughts and try not to worry..

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My husband's MRI came back with multiple enlarged lymph nodes, one in particular was out of the area, in the illiac area, it was 10mm and we were told they might not be able to get it out. I worried myself sick for 4 months about this node. He had his operation Dec. 7, they did remove it, did pathology in the operating room and it was benign. Hope this is of some comfort.

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Be well Fran. My prayers and thoughts are with you.

Hugs, Russell

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Hi Fran,

It looks like things are getting a little more settled for you although you still need to get through the procedure. Forgot about the disuse colitis and certainly and especially if it is causing some inflammation then that material is filtered through the lymph nodes and they would get enlarged. If you can get the surgery to remove the colon and rectum you probably will end up feeling alot better.


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