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Need prayers for a small guy

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I recently joined a "Mom and Tot's" group after moving to a new town. I was added to the email list recently. Today I was passed an email that was written by the woman who grooms my dog. I think this little guy can use all of our support and prayers.

Thanks, Patricia

Our Noah is an inpatient at The Children's Hospital Oncology dept. He has
kidney cancer that has a favorable outcome, but will require surgery and
chemotherapy. One week ago today we found a lump in his tummy and took him
Monday to the Ped to see if he need help for an impacted stool or something.
We've been here ever since. When his biopsy results are back he will have
his first treatment and go home. Then he will travel for treatments weekly
until the twin masses are small enough to remove. Then another 4 months of
treatments and he'll be basically cured, we hope.

He's having a little trouble recovering from the biopsy and chemo-port
implantation that took place Friday, but we think he's on the mend now.

He will be immunocompromised, and the most innocent of germs could land him
back here in the hiospital, so he may only have the healthiest of company,
with clean hands. But we need the well wishes and support of the MOMS and
we want them all to hug and kiss their babes one good time from us.

We'll take care, and you do the same,


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This little boy will definitely be in my prayers. I was watching a show about St. Jude Hospital on Larry King on Saturday and saw stories of children with brain cancer who are now in remission. It really breaks my heart to see and hear about little ones having to go through this horrible disease and treatment. Sounds like this little guy has a great prognosis. God bless him and his family.


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Keeping all the little guys and girls, their moms AND their DADs in my prayers.

- SB

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Absolutely I will pray for him. It's so hard to picture children going through what we are going through.

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It's so hard to hear about any child going through any kind of illness. I will put him and his family in my prayers. Sandy

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We will add him to our prayers. It's not fair that a child should have to contend with more than what most adults have to go through. Childhood doesn't seem to be the time to worry about port implantation, germs, and chemo. I wish this child the best of luck.

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Just said a prayer for the little guy and he will continue to be in my prayers.
God bless,

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little guys in my thoughts and prayers
be well

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I will say a prayer for this little guy and his family.

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Im so sorry to hear about this. Its so sad to see a child so young with cancer. I will say a prayer that God gives them strength to make it thought this difficult time. mindy

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My prayers are with him and all connected to him.
Thanks Ellen, be blessed

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My thoughts and prayers are with the little guy and his family!


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Hi Patricia:

I am sending the little guy lots of strong healing vibes and a virtual teddy bear to keep him company. It just not fair that he has to face this at such tender age. And his poor parents, it must just tear their hearts out to see their baby suffer. Damn this cancer beast.


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Hi Patricia,

It makes me so sad to see little ones so sick. It makes me want to run and go kiss my kids tons because they are healthy. I'm sending my prayers for his quick recovery.

Lisa F.

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