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Contoversial Book re: cancer treatments

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Anyone read "Flood Your Body With Oxygen"? A visit to Amazon.com shows 35 five-star testimonials. The information in this book is underwraps, controversial, hidden from the public and is/has been fought by the medical establishment. Would like to hear your thoughts...

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I haven't heard of the book, but it sounds like it discusses hyperbaric O2 drenching. This has been a standard protocol for a number of diseases for many years. Once you get past the whole Michael Jackson thing, it has a number of serious, amazing results. Does the book broach using hyperbaric O2 drenching to treat cancer?

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I just read something about this recently and I wish I could remember more of what I read but it was not in favor of the "Oxygen" therapy (or whatever it is called)...I think it was something about it could be dangerous ..but I'm not sure.
I think I read it in the newspaper.
I just glanced at Amazon's reviews though and I will look into this again and curious if anyone else has any info.
I'm always looking for something that may help my fathers liver mets.


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