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Hi all! I am bound for the NYC area for Thanksgiving and wanted to wish everyone here a happy thanksgiving! I can remember barely being able to eat turkey seven years ago when I was int he home stretch of 6 months of post-op chemotherapy! Now my biggest challenge is figuring out where I am going to run on thanksgiving morning! To everyone fighting cancer: Give thanks for the life that we fight so bravely for! Enjoy the day...get outside and move in some way (even a little) and make the day a good one...then make part of each and every day good, even if it is a mere respite in a day of struggle. I found a moment of peace each day...some days it was the 5 minutes under the hot water in a shower...when I felt better it was a run, or walking my daughter to the bus stop. Even on our worst days, we are who we are. Live long and live strong survivors...Lance did and we can too!

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Very nice words to live by. Happy T-day to you as well!


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Thank you for the positive outlook and thank God for the days we have to do all of the normal things you mentioned. I'm even expected to cook this year. Hello turkey and pumpkin pie! jams

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Wonderful message! Thanks. We all have lots to be thankful for. I am thankful for each day I awake and enjoy the beauty around me.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!!

Hugs to all,


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Thank you, my dear...and right back to you!

This is my first year in 2 years that I haven't been in treatment for Thanksgiving and Christmas...I plan on doing things BIG!!!

I give thanks also for all of you here, my larger family!

Hugs, Kathi

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Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!!

I remember 3 years ago when I was unable to eat and on TPN for Thanksgiving. I did sneak a couple of bites of turkey and spent the afternoon in the bathroom. I was at my sister-in-laws. It was not a memorable Thanksgiving.

I now say bring on that TURKEY.

Have a great day everyone.


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Thanks, Runner, for the reminder to make our days memorable and to appreciate the beauty around us. Enjoy your Thanksgiving and I hope you find the perfect place for a run.



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I agree, and thanks for the post. There is always something to make us smile!! Take care and happy running - Maura

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