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Update-SCC-Penile Cancer

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My boyfriend had his surgery at IU Monday.They did not perform Moh's,but he had excisional & the plastic surgeon did not have to graft,instead he pulled skin up from scrotum & base of penis to make a flap over the area.Its like a sideways horseshoe shape scar,about 3 inches! Bad news was from the time I 1st had him looked at in August to date of surgery,2 black areas appeared(melanoma?)....so dr.froze that area & sent off & is concerned it may not be the end of it yet.As far as downtime,Don was up & around afterward.Took him to eat on the way home & he was in no pain,& back to work.Took bandage off 3 days later,altho dr said 48 hrs...& to put Bactracin on it.We took before & after pics so if drs or someone wanted to compare progression,or hopefully lack of in Dons case...to share.

I am awaiting a call from dr today with those results.We go back possibly next week to get stitches removed,as dr said he wanted to see him 2 weeks post surgery.This is something he has had for over many years,so this squamous cell cancer which they say is slow growing, has had lots of time to spread.I don't think he is out of the woods yet.

I would advise anyone to never put anything like this off,due to fear or embarrassment.It's your life that's on the line.

Would like to hear from anyone else who has been there done that,or is just starting- like us.

Take care,


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Have not, kathie. I am neck/tongue survivor...but wanted to pass along my best wishes to you and your significant other. While he may not be out of the woods, as you say, let us hope that he is walking on the path that leads out and back into the sunshine.

Take care.

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