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Breathing with Lung Cancer???

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I had an upper left lobectomy 16 mos. ago and still have terrific problems breathing. Use oxygen 3L at night. Every movement causes shortness of breath. Please, have any of you suffered from this shortness and how do/did you deal with it. Thanks, carolinapenny

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My Aunt found that a semi-recine position was of great benefit..what does your Doctor say?

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46 yr.old, 3 years cancer free. Same lobectomy as you. It was 2 years before I felt I could breath. Still get out of breath, on stairs or inclines but it's not as bad anymore. We will probably always be reminded. My advice would be to keep pushing your bounderies and your boundary lines will get larger.

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I also had a lobectomy 8 years ago, upper right lobe. At first it is difficult, but now I walk everywhere and go on a treadmill and go 2-3 miles an hour for about 30 to 40 minutes. You have to build up to it. I takes time and persistence. Keep trying and never give up!!!!

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I had an upper right lobectomy, with a wedge resection of the bottom lobe. This was in April, 2006. I cannot say I am having any real problems breathing, but it does feel that I do not get a "complete" breath. It feels like my lung stops expanding, about where the upper lobe was, if that makes sense to you. I realize it's probably psycological, but.. Yes, I still get short of breath, usually on exertion, but sometimes without any exertion at all.

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