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my two cents

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You know..I have seen some very antagonistic threads lately (colonpalooza as well as whether or not to do chemo) and have had some mean spirited emails (and sent some too)but really what I have come to realize is that we are a family in this cancer battle and like a family we strike out at those we feel most comfortable with...and sometimes, our only release is to be "bitchy"' with others on this board knowing there are really no repercussions...so..as I said in a post way back..if we want to get mad..lets get mad at the BEAST that brings us together in the first place...and on occasion it is perfectly fine to AGREE TO DISAGREE
Take care everyone

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Thats weird. I guess I missed the antagonistic posts about colonpalooza. How can that stir up a controversy. You know, as I stated before, I had a post taken way out of context once on this board and the poor lady almost quit because of it. I have even been told not to respond to certain peoples posts because of it. Luckily it does not happen often, but I think we all need not overreact. It is a persons right to voice their opinion and I do not think anyone meant to hurt anyones feelings.
That being said, I think it is time to let sleeping dogs lie!

Posts: 425
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yes, true and I would like to let MY "sleeping dog" lie...he is a 100 lb bouvier that got into halloween chocolates (paper and all) and heaved all around the house...:)

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Aw, Bev...I raise my glass....

Grieving not only is done for those who pass, but for the lives we left behind as a result of fighting the beast. Unfortunately, one of the emotions of grieving is anger... But, properly focused on the Beast, it keeps it away!

Hugs for such a clear head!

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didnt see the mean spirited stuff..gee, hope I wasn't one of them..as you say, it may have just been one of us venting... Bud

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