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Hi, I'm another female Kerry -- Mark's (Sunriver) girlfriend and caregiver. We went to have his pump taken off today and they were quite worried about blood not returning through the port. They have administered Activase to dissolve what they suspect are clots within it. Tomorrow we go back and they syringe out the Activase and hopefully he gets his lovely 1.25" needle taken out as well!
We can't find much on Activase, other than knowing that it's the drug administered to stroke victims. Are there any other lucky souls out there who have had this done? We are presuming no side effects, although they very clearly don't want someone to push anything else through the line -- it's all taped up with a big yellow caution sticker! The nurse said if it pulled loose, just duct tape it on. I guess you just have to laugh! Other than a couple hours of nausea and dry heaves for a few minutes on Monday night after the infusion, and his light headedness from the Decadron -- he seems to be sailing through. Although -- for the first time in memory he is actually drinking water -- God forbid! -- and I got up before him this morning! Thanks in advance for any thoughts on the Activase!

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Activase is an enzyme used to dissolve clots. It should not cause him any symptoms or problems as the way they put it in it will sit in the area of the port.


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Hello to you! I personally just went as far as the coughing, but I sure learned something from Dick!

I laughed about the water drinking...at the beginning, I was puzzled as to why I should flush this stuff out as soon as it went in, but the 'bottom' line is that the flushing is occurring in the kidneys/bladder...which don't need to be involved! I STILL drink about 2 quarts of water a day, and I have been done for almost 1 1/2 years!

Hugs, Kathi

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I had a problem with a clot in the port also. They used several things to disolve it, but I'm not sure if Activase was one of them. The chemo drugs could go into my port, but no blood could come out because of the blockage. Watch for any swelling in shoulders, neck, face and arms. The Superior Vena Cava (look it up under Superior Vena Cava Syndrone SVCS) was blocked and caused all kinds of problems. When chemo was finished the port was removed, because at that time with no chemo to give, it had become nonfuctioning. Hope his works when he goes back. jams

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Thanks for the head's up! I'll check him out in the morning. He seems OK, but REALLY tired -- went to bed at 6:45 -- haven't heard a peep from him. Hoping he 'gives' blood tomorrow -- and that he gets some energy back! But, as with all things, we'll do this one day at a time.
Thanks again -- you all are invaluable -- squabbles and all! One thing about opinions, as with other things -- everyone has one! We just need to sift through the 'stuff'and follow the path our gut leads us to! Kerry

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