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to Ron50 and pepperdog

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Hi guys.Sorry I missed your posts but better late than never. I am so sorry for both of you.I was just telling Jen(my angel) about both your situations and we are both so very sad for you.To have suffered such trauma and for each of you to have battled in different ways....as a survivor and as a carer....it is tragic that life has thrown you both another curve ball.
Ron....as an fellow ozzie and a mate we hope that you can continue to defeat all the hardships thrown at you. We know that your health has suffered badly and you have been a "quiet" achiever.As mates would say to each other here in oz.....bugger!Jen and I both wish you well.....sincerely.
Pepperdog(Terry....hope I got that right). There are "angels" in this world and in contrast to Ron's story I can only say that that you have seen the other side of our horrid disease...as a carer. We know how difficult a carers plight is....Jen especially does.We send you our love and deepest thoughts. You are a true "angel".
Finally, in all our battles with cancer we face so many difficulties. For many reasons the breakdown of spouse relationships or with family and friends hurts us extremely. Jen and I have experienced the loss of family and friends, both in death from cancer and also a loss of contact due to cancer.Either way I try to remember that the loss of contact is mostly due to fear and the lack of understanding.Many friends do not call anymore.....I think they just do not know how to confront us.A sad situation but I do not blame them.
To you both....be safe and well...huggs, Ross and Jen

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Well said Ross! Even if it was said in your marvelous Austrailian accent!!!



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Agree...very well said.

I'd like to add to this string as well, and apologies for the delay in responding. Very sorry to hear what you've gone through. Sometimes life challanges us far beyond our usual limits. Having had a few of these myself I've come to learn that how we cope with these extraordinary challenges will determine whether the challenge will make or break us. Try to hang in there. Time does heal all wounds.


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