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Mom's PET Scan results on Monday

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Hi Everyone,
well, it has almost been a week since I posted my last message. My mom did do her treatment on Monday, and the onc said she looked really good. That really raised our spirits. Also, she had her PET Scan on Thursday and did really good. This is her second one. The first one she was very depressed and had a very hard time even doing the test. It was hard for her to drink the stuff. This last one though-I was so proud of her. She said in her own words, "I faced that with grace and dignity!" This disease has really been hard for her. She has fought her way back from terrible depression and is now fighting this cancer head on. Anyhow, you guys know how much I love her. Please, keep her in your prayers. We get the results from the PET Scan on Monday.

As I have said before, I go to my parents house for every doctor appointment and every chemo treatment, but this past treatment I was not able to be there long. On Monday morning at 5:09 a.m., we recieved a phone call telling us that my husbands mother had passed away during the night in her home-very unexpectantly. Hubby is taking this very hard, but holding up. Her memorial was today. Keep us in your prayers-you all are in mine. Talk to you soon. Will let you know the results of the PET Scan on Monday.
Valerie C

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Your mother should be proud and I can see you are proud of her. I had trouble getting through the PET scan because one of my shoulders became so painful and I have some problem with claustrophobia so I kept my eyes closed and counted into the thousands.

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For my PET scan, the tech explained in great detail the proceedure, including how long each "stop" would take, and how many inches I would then travel to the next 'stop'. I counted right along with him....darn chemo brain...I can't remember how long each stop was...

Hugs, Kathi

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My daughters went through my depression and thier own set of fears for their dad. My pet-scan too was difficult couldn't put my arms down afterwords. You'd think with what that machine cost they would develop someway to make it more comfortable. You Mom will get through this but so must you. Ask for help when you need it and not only for Mom.

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Good vibes for your mom and I'm sorry about your mother in law.

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I don't know where you are, or how busy your PET operation is, but feel that making your mother wait 5 days for results is unreasonable. I have had this procedure in a number of states-(four) and have been able to obtain results, including radiologist reports, and a CD of both, in the same day, or the following day. She should not have to wait and worry that long, even if there is a weekend in the wait..you are in my prayers.

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Thanks, Valerie, for letting us know about your mother's test. I pray her results will be good.
And I am very sorry about your mother-in-law. Unexpected and sudden deaths are most difficult.

Your mother is fortunate to have you as her advocate. Keep us posted.



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Dear Valerie,

I am so very sorry for your husband's loss.

My prayers for your mother and your husband's and also for you and your husband. There will be the light in the end of the tunnel.

Best wishes, Eleonora

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Thinking of you as you wait for the PET results. Fingers crossed, best wishes -- please let us know the results. I am so sorry about your mother-in-law. YOu are dealing with so much these days.

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Praying for excellent results from your mom's PET scan. What a wonderful daughter you are!!! Your mom must be so proud to have a daughter like you who cares so much.

God bless you and your mom,


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