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Out of surgery - Not great news.

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Well---They opened me up and closed me back up. They told my partner that my cancer has spread past the point of surgical removal. I have tumors on my abdomen, in my back and of coarse in the liver and outside the colon wall.
Suggestion is to do agressive chemo to knock down the tumors and surgery if it becomes operable but mostly what they can offer me is time. I have allowed myself a few days to be broken then I have to fight. WHY WHY WHY.
I am going to explore going away for a cleanse and to work with a Natropath. I know others on this site were given no hope and are still here talking about it. I plan to be the next one. My partner is a wreck, He is trying to be strong for me but he is just a mess. I have to tell my 19 yr old daughter tomorrow and have no idea what I will say. our 4&8 yr old boys don't know either yet. There has to be another way to kill this ******* of a disease.

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Oh Mark, I am so incredibly sorry. What a shock. I have to say, though, that you are thinking with such strength. Everything written about a an alkaline diet is that cancer cannot exist and thrive in it...And what sounded like voodoo has WORKED for more than one on this site; plus, it is simple -- really -- and you will love it. Google it and see what you think; if you need help, shoot me an e-mail and I will get info to you; and there are many on this site who can also help you. And, buy a juicer and just go to town. Every time I use mine I feel empowered. It will make you super healthy to fight. All the best to you and know my thoughts are with you. Don't lose hope. - Maura

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I am so very sorry. You may want to look into Protocel. There is a posting about it few pages back. It is great that you don't loose hope.

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Mark, I just want to send my support and good vibes. Best of luck telling your children. That is a difficult thing to do.

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Stay on course and fight the fight! You can do it! I feel your vibes keep fighting Limey!

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I want you to know you are in my prayers daily. I am impressed by your strength and your honesty with those around you. Keep up the fight and wishing you all the best. Dash

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I'm sorry to hear your news. I agree with the idea of giving yourself some time to be "broken". Then it's time to start the fight again. There's still options out there for you and as someone has said before...where there's breath there's hope. I'm currently stage 4 (lungs) going the natural route. Still too early to say how it's working, but I sure do feel a lot better than those 3 years or so on chemo. This may seem hokey, but one of the things that I'm doing now is "letting go". I'm doing what I can to fight it, but I'm also, for the first time, giving myself up to "God" (i'm still not sure if God is just mother earth, the energy of the universe, or the God of my Catholic upbringing). I picture myself safe in his/her hands with the light energy of the universe beaming into me.
Hang in there, keep up the good fight.

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Mark. You tell them you love them. Plain and simple. I had a discussion with a minister that said "You cancer patients have it better than most". I said "You are kidding, right?" He said, "Look, not many people get the opportunity to say what they want to repair relationships, do the things that need to be finished. Whatever the outcome of the fight, you all have the strong warning to take care of things, and heal things. And then still there is a strong mind and will to fight, which has produces many, many miraculous recoveries".
Food for thought...
Hugs, Kathi

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I sent you an e-mail. I have way too much to say to ramble in a post.

Major hugs,


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Hi Mark,
I'm so sorry to hear your news, but I believe there is always hope. Stay strong and positive!

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Hi Mark:
I am so sorry about your news but would like to add the following:
1) what Mary (Goldfinch) says echos' across many areas..my Bros-in-law after 20 months of AA has finally learned to " Let Go...Let God"..and it is working
2) consult a naturopath (iv vitamin c etc..and contact "scouty" too
3) believe in miracles because they REALLy do happen
Take care Mark..my thoughts are with you.

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