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Hi Again,
I am back here to ask if any one could give support and opinion!!!
My Father did his first round of Chemo treatment for Carboblatin and Navelbin for 6 rounds( 3 months), and after that, we did a CT-Scan.
But the results was not so Positive ( in my opinion). But in the opinion of the DR was +.
The Tumor was stable in the same size , so I donno ??? and there is some micro nodules in the liver.
Does anyone see that this treatment and the result are sufficient???
WE have to redo the PET-Scan on Monday for second time!!!
Maybe we have a hope for a surgery , or if not I think we are going for Radiotherapy.
I will appreciate if somebody here can help me.
Thanks for your support.

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Stable disease is ALWAYS good news! Consider the alternative (which is aggressively growing tumors that are resistant to chemotherapy).

My mother's first round of chemo was with carboplatin and taxol. I wish her doctors had been as positive as your father's doctor-- my Mom's doctors considered her to have "failed" Round 1 of chemo, because her tumors stayed the same and did not shrink.

When someone refers to "failing" chemo, that sounds bad, but when we chose to focus instead on the fact that her tumors had not grown, that was POSITIVE!

There are no "sure things" in the treatment of cancer. You will learn this as you continue along this road. Take comfort in the things that are good-- and trust that "stable disease" definitely, DEFINITELY, falls into that category!

My best to you and your Dad.

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I was diagnosed with NSCLC, 3a. I was treated with 3 rounds of Cisplatin/Etoposide, concurrently with 55 radiation treatments. The chemo/radiation treatments reduced the tumor by 75%, and then surgery removed what was left. I'm coming up on 5 years cancer free.
I would say that you have to ask more questions of the doctor, until you fully understand the situation.
As Reinstones1 says, stable tumors are good news, compared to the alternative. I believe that arresting the growth of the tumor is the first step. Then, the doctor can plan the next step. Ask the doctor about that. And keep a positive attitude while seeking answers.
I don't know what "micronodules" are, but I assume that they are tiny, so they probably don't present much of a problem right now. Again, - ask the doctor to explain everything he/she tells you and/or your Father. If you just nod your head when he/she tells you about your Father's condition, it will be assumed that you understand. Doctors are used to patients and caregivers asking questions, so don't be intimidated. You will probably find the doctor to be very patient about questions.
Please give your Father my best wishes, and tell him that he is in my prayers.
And please keep us posted.

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Thanks guys for your help and support.
I hope in the future we can get the same results !!
Plymouthean , I think that God loves you , and thanks for including my father in ur prayers!!!
And if you can give me some advices on ur treatment ( if I can get some details abt ur old disease ;))!!1

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I was told before my first scan after treatment that if the tumor had not grown, that it would be considered very positive. You may want to read my story posted here, if you havn not allready. I would ask about Tarceva or Avastin, both have been used with some good results. I was given Tarceva and have been cancer free since November. We will remember your dad in prayer. If you have any questions I can answer let me know.


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The only thing to the previous opinions and advice I would add is the option of chemotherapy boosted with a targeted drug that attacks the way cancer cells grow and survive. I got a pamphlet by CancerCare that suggests Avastin combined with chemotherapy provides good results for lung cancer. You may want to ask your dad's oncologist about that treatment route.

Good luck to your dad.

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