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i'm having a down sept!!!

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good evening semi's,
sorry i have to rant.
since i came back from vacation it has been very hard for me to keep positive about anything. i am a store manager and i came back to a big mess. everyday i am trying to get out of the hole. i work my semi off and it doesn't seem to help. i have 2 asst's that don't care about anything but themselves. i too need hernia surgery to where my colonstamy bag was. it is huge, but no luck with dr's in my insurance plan. i want to go to a dr out of plan but i will be looking at 4-5k bills. on top of the old bills. i need to get this done because i am self cons about it. i am sorry to rant.
thanks for listening
be well
all the best

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Sorry to hear about your troubles. I can't give much advice about your job but hopefully that will start to improve. Perhaps your assistants will take on more. Did your doctors give any reason not to do anything about the hernia. It is a well-known complication of having an ostomy. That is why both my surgeon and ostomy have warned me about lifting too much (the surgeon said never lift over 15 lbs although I have done more). Is it the insurance plan or the doctors. It seems they should take responsibility.

I hope and pray things will improve for you.


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If you can't rant here, where...? I also have a hernia from lifting too soon after surgery. Why not go with Dr's in your plan? It's pretty much a "bread & butter" surgery, except that the repair often fails. Fire your asistants and have a good October.. Bud

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Hi Bruce,
Rant away!
Sorry to read about your tough times; work problems suck, and suck so much energy out of you. Is your boss any help? Time for a serious shake-up..I like Bud's suggestion; read them the riot act and at least put them on notice?
Your doc's won't do the surgery? or are there scheduling difficulties; I'm with Bud again, it's pretty routine surgery, but with a huge hernia, you need to do it!
Hang in there; September is too nice a month to spend consumed with worry.

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Bruce, Take things one at a time. If you feel you need the surgery for your self esteem, then beg, borrow or steal (well, don't steal) to get it done. Our sesne of self after cancer is so very important. I know that staying in shape and looking good may sound shallow, but for a cancer survivor it is all too important. When I race a 10-k nobody can tell that I almost died, unless they look closely at my scar (and I do run without a shirt sometimes...my scar is something I should be proud of. Then next work on the work aspect of your life. I have had all the same struggles at work....it is still not perfect, but I have stopped trying to do too much and accept that some things are beyond my control. Let us know how you are doing. I feel your pain Bruce, I have been there. Work it out one step at a time and let us know how you are doing.

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Hey Bruce, sorry to hear you're having these troubles. What is it, the weather? Lots of down folks on the board today...

How but a little chit chat with those co-workers of yours? If they can't come around I know a couple of folks who would love to have their jobs here in Michigan, the land of the layoffs!

As for your surgery, what's the problem with your in-plan docs? Are they saying you don't need the surgery and they won't pay for it? That would be ludicrous. Hey, I might not need to have a tummy tuck, either, but someday when I'm past alll of this I'm getting that big old scar removed and I'll ask them to build me a new belly button, too! LOL! Why? Cuz I want one, that's why!

Hang in there... hugs....

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Hi Bruce,

It makes 2 of us. Check my post today.

I hope things will improve for you.


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Looks like the others gave good advice so I'll just add--hang in there.

Many years ago I was complaining about something (don't remember what) to someone very wise and his advice to me was, "this too shall pass"--meaning everything changes.


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