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hi please pray for me everyone

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Hi i have cancer in both lungs but at least mine will not spread but i cough so much and thy stoped my chemo and are gonna try something new iam goign on 3 yrs by the way it gets harder everyday short of breath and tired alot but i never give up thy want to start me on a study in 2 weeks called phase 1 anybody know of this study please let me know and thanks

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I am praying that all will go well for you. They need to fully inform you on what the phase 1 study is. They can test new procedures or new medicines when they do a phase one study. You never know if they are giving you the new stuff or the tried and true stuff until the study is over, but it's one way of getting a chance at the new stuff and no matter what you are helping others. Best of luck and thanks from a fellow lc survivor...

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ONe pray said and done hope many more to come. Keep the spirit never ever give up. Livin 3 time cancer survivor

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Hi Keithwayne204,

I admire your attitude. Indeed, never give up. Has your oncologist really exhausted all the available drug resources?

If you have nothing else, you may try dietary changes to help your body fight the cancer cells. I won't go into them here as there are discussions in other threads.

I do want to let you know that I will be pulling for you. Three years is a milestone, so I'm hoping more years for you!

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I will pray for you, me and everyone who needs it I too cough alot and cough up blood it is scary, but I try to aways look at the brighter side. good luck to you

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