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Hi, I am not yet a survivor as I am currently waiting on prognosis. I have had a big load put on me as my cacner occured just days befor I was going to do my final year exams. I am only 21 at the moment and had a lot to look forward to. Now looking at survival rates its not looking too good. What really pains me is I am unable to do anything that is of interest to me. My friends mainly from university live too far away. And my parents are just bad people. There have no consideration for me and my condition. OK so they let me live there still. I am suffering from unable to do stuff because I do not yet have a job, a relationship. And so feel I has once had many dreams, I still had them when diagonosed, but total lack of care from anyone around me has turned me to dispair. People say your life is in your own hands. Unfotunately not for me. University cut, not working yet, no close friends, no relationship, parents don't care. And so. Some of you may think my parents are too busy, or too old. Mu mother is a person who goes to the gym alot, she only works part time and when she wants to. She is only 50. Why has god given me these parents. I really think I will be better of just going to an early grave.


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    It's not easy, but you need to get past all of your previous understanding of life. All your life you have been told what life is about and your expectations have been based on that. Now you really don't have a choice. You need to change the expectations and simply live to be alive. It would hugely easier if you were 57... like me. But still past living and without too much pain not else matters in relative terms. I hope that makes sense.
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    Hi hunter,
    sorry to hear that you feel so all alone....Hang in there. Fight this with all you have!..were are you from? you can still have dreams..I've met a couple people from here that have lived with brain cancer 2 or more years and have just gottan married and are planing the futures...Dont give up
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    hi hunter
    my life changed 13yrs ago when i was first dx with a rear form of is called an oliogdendroglioma.only 4% of the population are dx with it.what peple do is they write a death sentence for themselves before the dr tells you that you have cancer.the advancements that they have come up with to fioght this cancer is so amazing that there is a higher survivor rate then ever before.face it like a football defensive line and go not stop doing what your doing that is half the battle.the other half is turn to GOD andTHE LORD JESUS CHRIST FOR YOUR FAITH cast your all your care on GOD and he will take care of you.just give your heart to JESUS.thats what got me through my battle and doing volunteer work for the AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY.may GOD watch over you and strengthen you in your time of need and GODS MERCY beupon you.let me know how you are doing take care.
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    Hi Hunter, I am 24 and just going through treatment right now for a rare kind of brain tumor. I know exactly how you feel. My life has been put on hold until I can get back to work. I just wanted to let you know that if you needed to talk that i would be more than happy.
    I really hope you are feeling better since you wrote this a while ago. Hope to hear from you!