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safe to take a break?

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I would appreciate anyone's opinion.....My husband, John (stage IV-diagnosed 10/04) has been on irinotecan and erbitux for almost 10 months now. John's reoccurence is in his abdomen and chest area....it has remained stable on the chemo. His blood work is okay and has been okay. They are asking if he wants to take a break for a month or two. It is a scary thought. The oncologist says it does not increase the risk of the cancer spreading...anyone been there or know how true that is? John also experiences severe pain and the chemo seems to keep that in check also. If he gets a break--he has an incisional hernia that really limits him and they are considering if surgery is an option or not or if he could even tolerate that. Still waiting for surgeon's opinion on that aspect. Just confused and wondering if there is a right answer to this or not. Thanks for listening.

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Hey Dash:
I'm sure your husband would love a break but I agree that it is a scary thought...we are part of a colon cancer resource group and one of the survivors regularily takes a break to travel with no adverse effects...I would think if your Onc thinks it would be ok you may wish to have him try it and if the symptoms seem to be returning then get back on it..but really- you just need to do whatever feels comfortable for both of you. Good luck with your decision and that is such wonderful news that he is stable.

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