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what does it mean?

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I am a stage 3 patient with a colostomy. I think that there may be blood in my stool, but I am not sure, it could be that my stoma was irritated last week and it may have bled a little. How do you get those fecal occult blood papers? What does it mean if there is blood in my stool? Is the cancer back in my colon, or is there another possible explanation? I go to the onc. Monday. Thanks

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It could have been caused by irritation. I would mention to your onc. on Monday. And I wouldn't worry too much.


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Even tho it's hard, I agree with Maureen. Don't worry until you have something to worry about...
Big High-5 for noticing, tho....and I would imagine that you could get the test papers from your primary care....BUT....careful about self-diagnosing...My rule is "I find the change, my doctor tells me what it is". So far this has worked...and I trust my PCP to do what's right.
Hugs, Kathi

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I agree with the others. Just mention it to your onc but don't worry. I often have some irritation around the stoma. Besides, with the colostomy we are looking alot closer at our stool and I see many things I never noticed before.

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