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stage 4 lung cancer

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My wife Sandy is 59.She was dio with stage 4 lung cancer.We were treated with taxol chemo and everything doubled in size.We have been on Alimta for 12 weeks now and the spots on her adrenal glands are gone and the remaining cancer has shrunk by more then half.This is the first real hope we have had and honestly believe that we can fully recover.Also the side effects of the Alimta is almost non existant.The taxol was a 5 hour ordeal,the Alimta is 15 minutes.We are now planning our annual trip to Florida.You see,good things can and do happen.Never give up hope.We haven't beaten this thing yet but we sure have it on the run.She was originally told that she had six months to a year.We now have hope that she will be around for a long time!

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Hi there, I am 42 and fighting SCLC, and I know it`s a rough road, don`t ever give up, or lose hope or faith...have a wonderful time in Florida. Kerstin

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Kerstin: My husband is also battling sclc. His was called limited. He has one more (of 4) 3 day treatment of chemo (cisplatin & etoposide) left and has also had 6 weeks of radiation simultaneously with chemo. He is finished with the radiation. I'd be interested in hearing all the details about your cancer and treatment. His was discovered because of facial and neck swelling because the tumor was pressing on his superior vena cava. Thanks and keep fighting.

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I was diagnosed with limited small cell lung cancer in March. I have had chemo and radiation and am now in remission. I will be having Prophylatic cranial irradiation (brain radiation) as a precaution. Has anyone had this radiation and what are the side affects? Alaine

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Good for you guys! You certainly have the right attitude. I was diagnosed as nsclc, 3a, inoperable/incurable. Here I am, 5 years later, - cancer free. You're right. Good things do happen. Keep up the good work, and keep fighting.

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wishing you continued progress your words are inspirational thanks x

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It is always great to hear about another one who is winning their battle with cancer. I was diagnosed stage IV with a plural effusion in July 2005 and have been in remission since November. I live in Naples, maybe I will see you. Enjoy your vacation and life in general.

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Thank you for the posting. We recently got a second opinion from a reputable Cancer Center who told us his chance was 50/50. I took that as remarkable odds. Being in stage IV cancer is devastating. I give you guys so much credit for making the decision to beat this and continuing on with your lives. Enjoy your vacation and thank you for sharing your story!

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So great to hear such stories of hope! I truly believe that positive mental attitude helps in the battle for survival. My mom is stage IV and is really showing determination and strength - she is showing progress everyday - we went from mourning to celebration - celebration of her life and all of the good times to come - we really believe that she will out-live the expectations of the statistical averages for her condition - her determination to tackle each challenge on a daily basis rather than focusing on the future seems to be helping her progress - when there's a will there's a way - my Mom is living proof - for all of you out there watching your loved one's go through this - help them be strong and focus on each challenge on a daily basis. We are so proud of our mom - she is determined to fight this horrible disease - we are enjoying her progress and are enjoying HER most especially.

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