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tough decision

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well, i've made a tough decision for me. I've decided it's time to take a medical leave to fight this cancer. I'm having some trouble dealing with the effects of the camptosar and erbitux (diarrhea and severe fatigue). But this is my last option and i'm reluctant to cut back on dosing, which is something we ALWAYS seem to have to do. We had to cut down on 5 FU when i first started, we had to cut downon camptosar when i was on that with avastin. We had to cut down on oxaliplatin when it raised my liver studies (and they wouldn't come down).
So i'm taking time off from work to give this the old collge try.
Wish me luck!

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Hi Mary
I think you are doing the right thing. I work only four mornings a week, and I feel if I had to do more that that, I would also leave. I would however miss the social interaction that goes along with work, also it's a nice distraction. Good luck with the rest of your treatments. I am on the same treatment as you. I have liver and lung mets and I will be having a scan in July. Its pretty scary **** isn't it.


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I am sure this was a tough decision, but, I am sure that you want to give your all to fighting this beast. You remain in my thoughts and prayers as you continue the fight. You have been a trooper and have worked through it all.

And when you feel better you can always go back to work.


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Good luck, Mary. You are in my thoughts and prayers.


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Hi Mary,

Eliminating all outside stressors while you are on treatment will allow you to fight "full time!" Wishing you the best with this new decision and attack plan.



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Hi Mary,
I think that it is wise to take this time for yourself. Spend time exercising and focus on getting well. Best wishes! Donna

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Aw, Mary, I think you are making a good decision.
I am self employed, so when I made the same decision it was hard...no money coming in AT ALL...but, my body was fighting soooo hard against the beast, I was exhausted from trying to juggle work, pain, chemo, and stress.
Imagine, as I called my clients (I'm a computer consultant), I got the same response across the board..."OK, we are pulling for you, AND keep us posted...about how you are doing. We will wait for you, but is there someone we can use in an emergency?"
People can be wonderful...the world will wait, you are no good to others if you are not good to YOURSELF!
Hugs, Kathi

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Hi Mary,

What a hard decision but it sounds like you need to stop for a while. I'm still working but I have the option to work from home on the days I get chemo and have the 5fu pump which does help some. I'm also in the IT dept at work so can contact my people by e-mail or company IM.

Think of it this way, now you have time to work on being healthy too. It takes a lot of time to juice, buy good foods and cook them. Good luck and take care.


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Dear Mary,
It is very right decision. You need to take care of yourself first before anything else. And if you have an option to take a medical leave - this is the best thing to do.

Take good care of yourself.

Best wishes, Eleonora

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Hi Mary -

A hard decision, but no doubt a good one. We know what is best for ourselves. And taking care of ourselves is so important. You want to put everything you have into fighting this cancer and that is the right thing to do.

I wish you all the best.

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I agree with the others that you are making the right decision. My husband had to do the same while taking that combination of drugs. He was not able to continue with the Avastin but completed treatment without it. Last scans he was NED. He will have scans again next week. He is back working full time and overtime.

Our prayers are with you.

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Good luck to you Mary. And while you are off working fighting this beast make sure you also take the time occassionally to do "for yourself". Treat yourself to a special day out...do something you really want to do to ease the stress. A day to look forward to each week!
Ross n Jen

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Best of luck to you, Mary. I made the same difficult decision for the last 3 months of my chemo; I had expected to "be tough" and manage work and family, and was feeling so bad because I couldn't do it all. Taking a leave was, by far, one of the best decisions I made. I was able to take better care of me, and the kids and hubby. Just sitting out on the deck with my faithful dog made me feel better. I was having trouble with maintaining nutrition and potassium levels, and my fatigue was huge. Happy to say I am now nearly 2 years out, NED, and things have gotten back to "normal", whatever that is!
Take good care of yourself. Stay strong and keep us posted. Best of luck, Judy

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if you possibly can do take the time off. i know i did and it was well needed and really felt great to concentrate on recouping from the chemo and rad.
good luck, cherri

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Good decision, Mary. Take time to fight this monster. My prayers and thoughts are with you. Terri

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Oh Mary,
I bet it will be easier for you not to have to try to be ready for work every day. Concentrate on getting yourself healthy. I am thinking of you and sending positive vibes.

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