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A REAL BIG Independence day for me...

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June 27 will be my LAST radiation treatment. SOOOO the 4th of July is going to be HUGE...my first independence day after vanquishing the beast!!!!! It's hard to believe that it was 19 months and 2 cancers ago that I started this journey. I have met so many wonderful people, you all here included, that I will count as friends for the rest of my life!

I certainly LOOK different now....battle scars on my belly and my breast, a whole new hair style...(btw, it's now to summer cut length, instead of chemo length...hehehehe), and even a blue 'pool' on my breast from the node dye.

But as I look in the mirror, I see even more changes...a bigger smile, a look of gratitude for the little things...joy for just being given another day to breathe in and out!

ok, before I short my computer out from the 'leaking' my eyes are doing, I'll stop...But, I just wanted to say 'Thank you' to all of you!

Hugs, kathi

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Oh Kathi!

Now that I'm leaking and the 5fu makes it hurt to cry, this was lovely. I hope you are going to do a BIG happy dance after the treatment on June 27th. Have a great big party on the 4th too to celebrate your independence from all the treatments. I'm doing a happy dance for you now. HUGS!


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Great News, Kathi, and look at all the fireworks you'll have to celebrate! I finished chemo 2 years ago on July 9th...the day lives on in my memory: I celebrated by coming home and taking a 2 hour nap!
We are all changed by this experience; battle scars in and out; your attitude has been so awesome, keep up the joy of celebrating life after treatment! (And we've all shed out share of tears!)
Happy Independence Day, hugs back to you, Judy

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Congratulations Kathi! I am inspired by your courage to battle 2 cancers, and are still standing strong! I can't wait till I get to my last day of treatment! On the 4th, light a sparkler for me ;-)


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hi kathy,
so so happy to hear your great news. you have been such a great support for me that i feel such joy for you. thanks for being there.

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Kathi -

How great! Keep that big smile flashing - and that summer haircut sounds great and darn but soon you'll actually have to get it cut! Have a great "Independence Day"!

I'm mostly pretty upbeat, but you inspire me on my down days. The thought that simply laughing at the Beast is enough to drive it out is quite a liberating one!

Take care,

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This calls for a block party!!!

Your fighting spirit is infectious! Thanks for sharing your fight spirits and good cheers with us.


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Great News!!! I just stopped chemo in April, and it is so nice to get your life back. jams

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I can so relate to the joy you are feeling. It has been almost 3 years for me and I am much quicker to laugh and/or smile. This site helped me save my life and I will never forget it or the wonderful "cyber friends" I have met.

Lisa P.

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That is such good news!!! I am so happy for you. I hope you have a huge Independence Day party to celebrate your independence from this beast!!!

God bless,


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That's fantastic...I hope you have a big party. Mom survived breast cancer and we are working through her colon cancer. I am longing for the day when she is officially in remission again! Congrats again and hugs for ya!

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A wonderful milestone for you. Congratulation! I suppose you'll be dancing like crazy?


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You are one of the many heros I have on this web site!!! Congrats on you fight!!!! Your positive spirit will get you through anything!!!! Kathi, our bodies have the battle scars of this fight, yet we are still here to laugh and enjoy life!!! God bless you with many, many , many more years of excellent health!!! Terri

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I am so happy for you.


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Thank you to everyone....this is what I mean about family being here...
I shared this with a 2x bc survivor, also coming to the end (positive end...NED) and she said....
"It has been a positive journey in many ways, but I am ready to stop traveling now"...
All I can add to this is...and unpack my bags!
Hugs to all,

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Congratulations Kathi!!!!!!!! Hey...forget tha battle scars gal....the beauty is what is on the inside that counts!
huggs, Ross n Jen

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you and I will be double celebrating in 4 years... !We will have a great party !!!!!!!!!

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KathiM: Congrats, go celebrate,
THanks for support,

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