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hi, dady has diognesed with stage IV adenocarsinom with multiple bone metastz. we are living in turkey , istanbul and every phsycian we have talked told us there is nothing to do to cure the disease ,they told us everythin they do ( taking raditherapy right now ) is to comfort him . but according to some sources , survival rate of five years at this stage is 2.8 . this is very little but it means there are some who survives longre than 5 year. do you have any examples, do you have any recommendations ? do you think i shall take him to US for extra treatment or is it unneccesary ( considering it is a 14 hour flight to US ) ? we are quite shocked right now, so any help will do. thanx.

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Hello. I'm a five-year survivor of non-small cell lung cancer. I'm sorry to hear about your father's case. Your initial shock and confusion are normal. Try to stay calm, and learn as much as you can about his condition and treatment. I was diagnosed as inoperable and incurable, but treatments and surgery made me cancer-free. You are correct in your thinking about the survival rate. Even if it is only 2.8%, that means that people do survive, and SOMEONE has to make up that 2.8%. Why not your father? I live in the United States, and I believe that we have the best doctors, but I don't have enough knowledge about treatment in other countries to make a recommendation about bringing your father here. It may be wise to look into treatment in countries closer to you, so that if you decide to transfer him, the trip would be much shorter. I wish you and your father the best, and you will both be in my prayers. Please keep us informed.

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Indeed screww the %.. once one digs into these numbers one learns several things. First the stats only track up to 5 years.. So Bam your off the radar at 6 years.. Second.. most who do not make don't as a result of something.. even if it being hit by a car or a plane crash so bam.. more bad stats..

Lastly a large number of the stats are people over 70 years old who often had some other complication before the cancer diagnoses which cause thier lack of survival..

I say Ply is right ..if dad can endure the trip fly him to the states to get additional opinions...

Don't give up, stay strong for dad he needs your strength now more then ever..

We are all here to help and support you and your loved ones..

God Bless you all for caring, loving and supporting your father so much..

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