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post cancer depression

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I'm having a really hard time dealing with life after treatments (chemo-radiation). I will soon see a therapist to sort out some problems, but does anyone here have some sugestions about how to feel better?

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I didn't stop thinking about the cancer 24-7 until I went on a week's vacation with my husband (a year or so after my last chemo treatment). The vacation helped me to get away from the daily routine. Also, a good book that helped me emotionally is Greg Andersen's Cancer: 50 Essential Things to Do. Check out his web site: www.cancerrecovery.org . Hope you start feeling better soon. Christina rwilson002@comcast.net

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Did you see the free book on this website: http://www.acscsn.org/books/ It may help. Christina

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I know how you feel- it hit me like a ton of bricks after all my treatment was over- and I was suppose to go back to "normal"-- never really got back there either- its just different - although it doesnt help that I have had reoccurances-- and the side effects of low sex drive, lack of concentration and memory loss are still severe, no wonder I am still depressed- I even left my wonderful husband and quit my great job- I really lost it for awhile---
Time heals all wounds though!!!

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You may have started therapy already and if so, I hope it has been helpful. I, too, have experienced major depression which is not easy to "cope" with. I did find the following helpful:
1) Don't beat yourself down about feeling down
2) Do what makes you feel happy (I know that can be hard when you don't feel like doing anything!). But it can be as simple as listening to music, reading, journal writing, or talking to a friend.
3) Exercise (even just taking a walk) can help you feel better cuz your body releases "feel good" hormones and additionally, you may feel energized to do other things
4) Take one day at a time
5) If possible, get out in the sun. Light has been found to improve mood.
6) Think of things to be thankful for (ex. being alive, having medical insurance).
7) Buy yourself something nice, even as simple as new nail polish or earrings. Or indulge in a massage if you can afford it. This can release toxins from the body and increase cirulation.

I hope some of these suggestions are useful and that you are feeling better.

Wishing you good things,

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