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Does anyone else HATE insurance companies?

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Hi all -

I'm sure EVERYONE else hates insurance companies. I am so frustrated that I need to vent.

My husband dropped off our insurance as of April 1 - covered by Medicare now. But I am still covered until I am 65 - several good long years from now. And I am still busily paying pretty high premiums.

Won't go into the details, but every claim since April 1 has been rejected saying "coverage terminated". I have talked to my company and they agree I am covered and say that CIGNA shows that. I have talked to CIGNA - FIVE times - and they agree I am covered and this error should never happen again cuz there was no reason for it to happen. So, today, several claims were rejected saying I wasn't covered! What a surprise!

The 5th person I talked with (this afternoon) wanted all my doctors' numbers so she could call them and explain that they should not use electronic claim filing as there might be an issue. I kept saying, calmly at first and then later with somewhat raised voice, that IT IS NOT ABOUT THE DOCTORS! What if I see my internist next week? THERE IS A PROBLEM IN YOUR SYSTEM. This person finally said - "Gee maybe it does have something to do with your husband dropping off the policy, but it looks like everything is ok now" - just what everyone has told me in all the previous phone calls. Yeah - duh! But so far I have a list of rejected claims and a bunch of Cigna employees telling me it will never happen again - and more claims to come.


I hate this stuff! I think letters to my company, CIGNA present and Maryland insurance commisioner are in my immediate future. Don't know how else to resolve this and I sure cannot afford to have my insurance claims not paid while dealing with this dastardly disease!


Thanks for listening!


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No problem!

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Yes, time to roll out the threats...Insurance commission is a good place to start....hope you have been documenting all conversations...dates, times, who talked to, etc....call CIGNA and ask for the Insurance Commission's phone number..THAT will get the ball rolling...worked for me... Good luck, stay tough...it's THEIR problem, not yours....maybe suggest that they will be speaking with your lawyer after this...
Hugs, Hugs, Hugs, kathi

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Threatening in any way seems to work with these sleezeball idoits. Mentioning calling your lawyer helps too. Yours is obviously a computer problem much like I have going on. I just had to tell the collection agency that I have hired a lawyer after giving them the data they said they needed 7 times in the last 9 months (never has it worked).

I don't do well with ignorance or incompetence and this reaks of both.

Lisa P.

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*raises hand*

I hate insurance companies!

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Hey Betsy!

Let me count the ways.... :-) Until very recently I was EMPLOYED by my health insurance company! No employee bonuses last year? Ha - I showed them, my cancer cost them way more than our bonuses would have been! :-) I was out on leave from July 05 - April 06, then my position was eliminated after a recent corporate merger with a larger company.
While on my medical leave I kept getting EOB's stating that I owed my doctor $10,000+ for ONE chemo treatment. Clearly it was an error, but you would think that as an employee I would have been able to call up someone I knew and been able to say, "Hey, fix this for me?" Nope! Now they are down to $2,000 for that one visit - still a mistake, but at least it's getting smaller!
To top it all off, my toddler son just had an ear infection, and when I went to pick up his antibiotic, the pharmacy told me that he had been DROPPED from my plan! Yes, another clerical error... and we wonder why healthcare is so expensive? I can tell you first hand, it's because they have IDIOTS working there! :-)

PS - I didn't work for Cigna...

Hang in there......

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all this is happening to keep your mind off of the silly nodules. All part of the greater plan. Ah - now it makes sense!

Sorry about all the aches and pains, caused by the darn insurance co. What a bother.

Keep fighting and take names! jana

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Oh Jana - that must be it! Thanks.

Never thought of this as a good thing, but come to think of it, it has been a distraction.

And I am taking names, although only first names since they are "not allowed" to give out their last names!


Take care,

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