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Enlarged uterus

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Hi I just had a few questions. I had a baby about a year ago and since then, I have had off periods. They were about 2 months apart instead of 1 and very heavy and very painful. I went to the ob/gyn and she did some blood tests and a pap and that all came back normal. I went in last week for an ultrasound and she said that my uterus is a little enlarged and that the lining of the uterus is thick, it's at 17. I'm not really sure what this all means. She wants me to come in for another ultrasound to measure the lining again and if it's still thick, she wants to do a byopsy. I was just wondering if this sounds like something anyone else has gone though? The doc also said it could be precancerous. I would really like someone's input that is going through something I am. Oh and I'm 24 years old. Thank you.

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Hi avasmom, I haven't had any children, but I did have an enlarged uterus (with a thick lining) prior to my diagnosis of uterine cancer-but I had been told that more than once over my lifetime. You might ask if your ob/gyn would do a color doppler ultrasound, which can show "hot spots" that a normal one wouldn't show. An ultrasound technician told me it just involves throwing a switch. I wish you the best, and don't be too concerned about a biopsy if your doctor wants to do one of them. They're not too bad! Please come back and let us know how you fare.

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Hi Avasmom,
I had an ultrasound last year during the course of tests after my pap showed that I was shedding endometrial cells. I was 46 at the time, normal as heck and no symptoms. My ultrasound was 6.4 mm...normal is anything less than 5mm. It was a grey area for my age. You should have your ultrasound after your period for optimal results, but it is not an effective test for cancer, A biopsy is.I had a d&c next because my cervix would not dialate for my doctor to get a biopsy. I had Endometrial cancer grade 1, stage 2...all very early. There are other things that can cause you to shed cells, and have a thick lining.
It sounds like you have a great doctor who is watching out for you. Do whatever she/he asks and be your own advocate. Research this site...it is full of great information. The Womens' Cancer Network is another as well as the M.D. Anderson site. Be sure you stay with high profile organizations...I found a lot of junk out there too.
My diagnosis will be one year tomorrow and I am fine after surgery and radiation. I had excellent doctors and was blessed with God and family and friends. Hang in there and write back if you need me.
I'll be praying for you.

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Hi, I too use to have a enlarged thick linning. But i have always had heavy periods since i started. I was never able to concieve but had plenty of sono's and paps and biopsies. Up until this year all was clear. they did a DnC and it came back i had a polyp and it was pre cancer. also high levels of estrongene. I went to and onc/gyn and we did a hysterecotmy. he found everything to be clean and no cancer what so ever. he left my ovaries in so i would not go into surgi menopause. I am 39. This is just routine and let her do it that should be the only inconvence you have. also ask for a hystro-sono it puts saline up into your uterus threw the vag opening. and always get a second opinion. sono are always best after your cycle too. good luck and keep us posted. Also i was blessed with my son threw adoption and wouldn't change a thing he is my pride and joy.

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