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CP 3 - and an update

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Hi. I had the honor of participating in CP3, but for only 2 days.

I have to tell all of you how incredible it was to finallly meet some semicolons!!! Such a wonderful, supportive, loving, caring, amazing group. I am proud to be a semicolon. :)

I told everyone at the CP3. I got scanned for my radiation that will start this week. It showed that the tumor in my right lung has only grown a small amount!! HURRAY! Some the the lung tissue had collapsed on itself, looking like a dark mass; that I "saw" as tumor. The rad onc specialists set me straight!

SO..... I had a phenomenal weekend filled with old friends and new. AND.... flying high after getting some much needed good news from MD ANderson. I am tolerating the xeloda very well. I go back to work tomorrow, and start radiation treatment on Wed.

Thanks to you all for being there. To everyone at CP3 - my high expectations were all surpassed. I am a better person by simply knowing all of you!

Be well. jana

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Hi Jana,
I'm happy to hear that your tumor only grew a small amount. It's great that you made it to CP3 and got to meet everyone.
Take care,

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Great news!
I wish I could have made it to the palooza ! I had chemo Wed. And moved into our house on Fri.We are still unpacking . Or should I say my husband is. I am feeling much better today and am now saying "No I don't like that there".
Anyways nice that you got great news to take with you to CP-3
I'll be thinking about you on Wed.
Please keep us posted

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Hi Jana - great news about your lung tumor. I think of you always and wish you the best.

Wish I could have made it to Texas - but glad you were able to.


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Hiya all...this will be short as our wonderfull new friend, suzannchilli(Suzann) has invited the "left overs" from Palooza 3...US to dinner. So I have borrowed some time here to let you all know Jen and I fly out tomorrow morning. I have so much to say and as soon as possible will be here to "mouth off" I would like to say first that I am sad to hear of Nettie passing...I am SO sad as Nettie was my very first contact on CSN...albiet in the chat room.
Sleep peacefully my dear Danette!

I have many words to say to all my semi-colon friends but for now I hope you will all forgive me...time here is restricting me from doing so.
Our love to you all.be safe...be well, Ross and Jen

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Hugs, and a safe trip home!

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Hi Jana,
Great news on your scan. You are an inspiration.
Take care, Donna

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This is wonderful news! Best of luck with radiation! Hope you continue to feel good.

Best wishes, Eleonora

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It was great to talk to you again. You are amazing, you are going back to work already.

Congrats on the great scan, you deserve it.

Good luck as you begin radiation


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hey Jana,
That is great news about the lung tumor - yea! phew! And so glad to hear you are tolerating the xeloda so well. Best of luck as you start the radiation tx.

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Yea Yea Yea YEA!!!! Happy dance, Jana!!!!
Hugs, kathi

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that's awesome girl!!

praying it all goes well for you.

You lucky duck that you got to be at CP3~are you planning on Halifax?

peace, emily

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Great news, Jana!!! Praying for you...Terri

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Jana, That's great news that it only grew a little. I've looked at my scans at times and everything looks like it's trouble to me. That's why I let them do their thing. Sounds the CP3 was fun. I'd like to go some year. Keep up the great work Jana, you're an inspiration to me and many others.

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It was great to meet you and I'm so glad things are going well!

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Hi Jana,

It was wonderful meeting you and Peter. You looked great and I was so happy to get to hear your great news in person.



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hi jana,
you go girl,great news !!!
good to see you up and about. don't over do the work thing. take it slow.
all the best

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Such great news. Good luck tomorrow with the radiation treatment. You are in my thoughts and prayers!

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Jana..Great news for you and I hope your radiation goes well also. Good thoughts coming your way..Audrey

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Congratulations, Jana!!! Great news, great spirit. That radiologist must have been so pleased to provide you with an alternative reading!

We are all better people by being in your community. Thank you for everything you bring to this site.


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Great news Jana, and great that you got to the CP3 celebration! Keep up the good work and awesome attitude; good luck with the radiation today; time to zap all those little buggers, Judy

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