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Well, I saw my doctor on Friday and he is definitely switching me to Taxotere. He explained 'some' of the possible side affects, including the edema (swelling), so I will be taking Decadron for a total of 3 days instead of one. I also told him about the upper abdominal 'burning' I have after chemo, and the feeling of a 'lump' in my upper stomach. So he has prescribed 'anti-ulcer' medication to help, as the Taxotere may also make matters worse. I asked about the possibility of allergic reactions to this since I had the reaction to the Taxol. He said, only a 5% chance. And, most importantly, he assured me that Taxotere is just as effective as Taxol in fighting cancer.

I would once again appreciate any feedback anyone can give as to their experiences with Taxotere. I realize everyone is different, but I'd like to be prepared. My appointment is Wednesday.

As always, sending hugs and prayers everyone's way. God bless you for your help!


P.S. One bit of good news - my CA125 is now at 9!

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Yahoo!!!!!!!!! A 9 that is great news Monica. Isn't it funny we always thought a 10 was best but now the lower the better. Taxotere is used a lot instead of taxol, my only experience was the daily dose I was on which was a research study. It made me pretty sick, but I got toxic from the daily doses. I also had to take water pills and now take prilosec every day since. Not what you wanted to hear but remember my dose was everyday.

I will pray this is way easier than the taxol for you and keeps all the cancer cells swept out.

Hugs and Prayers Bonnie

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CONGRATULATIONS on your low CA125. I know that must be a huge relief. Keep doing well and as always my prayers are with you!

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