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Anyone with low CA-125 numbers?

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I'm curious as to how many women who have been dx with ov ca have shown ow CA-125 numbers prior to getting the word.

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I am a stage III C ovarian cancer and stage 0 breast cancer survivor. Diagnosed with the ovarian cancer 6/02. At the time of my initial dx and first surgery ( my tumor was an 11cm x 7 xm x 7 cm mass of what used to be my right ovary), my initial ca 125 I believe was a 6. I can't use CA 125 as a marker, only abdominal and pelvic CT's for follow up. My MD says that the ca 125 is not a marker for me because I'm in a small percent of the population where it doesn't work as a marker for me.

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I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer on 12/7/05
my CA 125 was 3684. I had my operation on 12/19/05. I had a complete hysterecomy, removed 10% of my intestines, removed appendix, and resectioned my rectum. After the operation theCA 125 was 98 , After first chemo down to 21, after 2nd chemo =6, after 3rd chemo down to 5, after 4th chemo= 6. No pain or nausea. Have numbness of toes and hands for past 10 weeks. Have one more chemo in June and hoping to recover.

I had a pelvic ultrasound in 3/05 at Kaiser Hospital.
The report read and measured the left ovary and the right ovary was not identified. They filed my report away. The cancer was growing on the right ovary all time. It was not detected until I complained of constipation. I went to my general doctor md at Kaiser 3 x in October & Nov 2005. Apparently my general physican did not read my gyn report (ultrasound)dated 3/7/05 that my right ovary was not identified. It was not until I was suffering not having regular stools, feeling constipated all the time, and having difficulty drinking water that she gave me the CA 125 blood test(late nov 2005) I did not know that the blood test existed. I had asked the gyn doctor to give me all the cancer tests in early Sept 2005 because my mother had a history of breast cancer. I wonder why he did not check my ultrasound report. I am disappointed in the care that they gave me at Kaiser Hospital. My diagnosis stage 3 C ovarian cancer.
removed 3 masses.
3x7x4 cm and 10x5x5cm and one 8 cm mass
with 2-3 liter sac of water pressing up on my stomach.
That is why I could have a regular stool.

When I went to the emergency room in December, they sent me home with a bottle of pain medicine. I did not have my operation for 12 days and suffered at home, not being able to lie down in bed, trouble drinking a cup of water per day, eating one meal was difficult, and trouble urinating and having a stool.

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Hi There, I read your post and it just makes my heart hurt...and a few other places too. I hope that you are feeling better today and have been finally taken care of properly. I have a tough time with pain pills and bowel movements and that can really take over your life. A late diagnosis seems unimaginable except that it's ovarian cancer and that Still doesn't get the attention of most doctors. It shows how important it is to stay on the track and make noise about how you are feeling. Are you taking the carbo/taxol combination? I have had it twice in 4 years and with the first series of 6 treatments, had a measurable amount of pain and numbness in my hands and feet, most of which went away. Not so lucky the last time and now am dealing with seriously nerve damaged foot. The chemo worked for 3 years the first time and I am stage IIIc. Again, not so lucky the next time, with only a 6 month reprieve. My #'s were like yours, high before chemo and all the way down to 2, afterwards. The #'s started climbing again this spring and I we are trying Doxil to curb the growth in the pelvic area and on my liver. My #'s don't really spike, just start creeping up. A visit to the oncologist for a blood draw order will get your #'s for you now. I guess it is still an expensive test and they don't like to do it unless all else points to o.c.
Reading the stories here today, I feel so lucky and blessed to be surviving with stories of hope all around. Thank you for sharing yours and I pray that you will be more comfortable soon.

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