Colloidal Minerals?

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Hi, hope everyone is doing well.

I was thinking of buying some colloidal mineral supplements to take with my antioxidants. The research seems pretty conflicted in terms of whether they are good or downright dangerous! Anyone have any experience / info about these?

Thanks :)


  • kangatoo
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    Hiya Cal....where yah been gal? I have been meaning to mail you but guess you could call me slack. Hope you are doing ok. Hows J?
    cheers, Ross n Jen
  • lfondots63
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    Hi Cal,

    Not sure what the minerals are. Maybe you should tell us about them? Are they to help keep your system balanced? (bowels again). The reason I'm asking is because I'm going to take a cleanser after I am done chemo. Took one before too. I want everything working the way it should.

  • ron50
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    Hi Cal,
    A couple of close friends of mine got into this big time both collodal minberals (silver mainly) and magnetic pulse therapy. They were on it for over twelve mos. I don't think it helped health much because Fran had a relapse of melanoma after being in remission for twenty six years. I don't believe that what they were doing caused the relapse but it certainly didn't prevent it. Cheers Ron.