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internal vaginal radiation

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After a radical hystorectomy and 6 chemo treatments my C-Scan showed clean, but my doctor recommended that to be on the safe side that I undertgo internal vaginal radiation (5 treatments, one per wk for 5 wks). I have heard stories about how this can affect the bladder and/or bowel functions. Anyone out there that may have undergone this treatment and is willing to share their experience, I would certainly like to hear what you have to say.

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You may want to do a search of the CSN website to see if there are others who have had similar treatments. You can do so by entering keywords in the search bar at the top of this page such as "internal vaginal radiation." If you find someone you would like to contact, you can do so through the internal CSN email system.

I wish you the best on your treatment.

Take care and be well,

CSN Dana

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I had 25 pelvic treatments and 3 brachytherapy (internal radiation) treatments last summer. I had Endometrial cancer Grade 1, Stage 2B. I was barely a stage 2B because there was only superficial stroma (cervical) invasion. I had only 2 extremely small tumors in the uterus. One doctor advised me to weigh the risks of a recurrence, which is harder to treat, against the potential risk of damage from radiation. The radiation oncologist, said it was up to me, but shared with me the National Comprehensive Cancer Networks (NCCN) trteatment standards which did recommend radiation based on my grade and stage. I have not had any trouble since finishing treatmentlast August. I did have some diarrhea, it was worse with the brachytherapy, but it did stop after treatment. I had mild fatigue, but rest took care of it. I was however told that women who had radical hysterectomy, might have a harder time with treatment. My spin is this and this alone....I'd rather have more surgery to correct something that MIGHT go wrong, rather than have more cancer that is harder to treat. I prayed every day while on that table and thanked God that I had the option to do something. Some women don't get that opportunity. Write back if you need me!

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My grandmother had adavnced stage 2b. She had the surgery, chemo and then the internal vaginal radiation. She had all these treatments fairly close together. She is 89 years old but her physician felt she would do well because she was in extremely good health for a woman of her age; never smoked, never drank, good weight, active, no other major medical problems. Getting her through the chemo and then the radiation was very hard! She was very ill! And she is no complainer. She is such a little camper. Truely inspirational!! But, she was sick to her stomach and had diarrhea. We fought to keep weight on her. She was so tired. Just washing up and getting dressed required a few hours nap afterwards. At times, we thought she could not go on with the treatments. She did finally make it through. After several months she put her weight back on and regained her strength. But she has an on-going problem with diarrhea and adominal pain. The doctors say it will pass. But it is approaching a year now and we are beginning to wonder. The good news, all her follow-up tests have been clean. She is cancer free at this point and doing fairly well. We thank the Lord for that!!

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I was diagnosed with Stage 2A G1 Uterine cancer in February 2006. My doctor recommended radiation after my surgery. I also had 25 treatments followed up with what my doctor called HDR-High Dose Radiation (3). This was done internally in the vagina. The hardest part was the planning stage. I dont want to scare you, but it is uncomfortable. It doesnt hurt, it is just hard laying on a table while the doctor makes all the adjustments.
I did get a bladder infection, but this was relieved very fast with medication. I also got the diarrhea, and that was treated with over the coutner medication. It has taken a couple months for everything to get straightened out. The time will pass very fast. Your doctor should go over all the side effects. Dont let the possible side effects scare you. I was really worried about what could possible happen. I talked to other people who had the same thing done. I wont lie, you will most likely have some of them, but they are easily treated and only last for a little while.
I was so happy to have all my treatments done.

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