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post-op...laser excision

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I had laser excision done on 2/24 and have stiches...it's been 5 days and have some small amounts of blood seeping out...is that normal? I just am not sure what to expect. I had VIN 111 and my gyn says they got it all...very uncomfortable I must say...very swolen..just worried I'm not healing right. Any thoughts?

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I did not have laser, but mine was cut out and had alot of stitches. This was sent to a pathologist came back as stage 1. This was done january 10 2006. My healing process was a night mare. I busted my stitches and had to get restitched. Busted them again. Yes there will be seepage and alot of pain and discomfort. Mine has had to heal open. It is feb 28 and I am sill healing. Almost there. The advice I was given was sitz baths twice a day. As hot as you can stand the water. Rinse as often as you can in that area with peroxide and water mixed. I used a plastic syringe and mirror, helped alot. The onc said my gyn. also got all of my cancer. I will have to be checked every three months for the next year. He also said for me to check often. The healing process takes 8-10 weeks. Good luck. It does get better!

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Thanks for the encouragement..I finally called my gyn to ask about the seepage and how long before my downstairs felt better...I have to say, they really should give you some type of booklet or pamplet to tell you what to expect. I bet if it was breast cancer we would have one!!! The more I think about this the more mad I become that no one seems to have been trying to find a cure for this...just cut us up and cut things off that's the answer. Other cancers seem to get much more in the way of research and respect!!! Take care and let me know how you are doing...my email is Debbiesells@aol.com

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I had problems with my stitches too, I recommend salt baths, they are wonderfull.. It has been one month and 4 days and feel wonderful! Still no sex though, the doctor stitched me so tight I am a virgin again.. Trying other methods to make it stand a penis but take it slow with your hubby.. The labia area is a little tiny bit sensitive but nothing to worry about. CONGRATULATIONS!! ON YOUR RESULTS.. and hope everything goes well in the future..


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Mine was not removed by lazer but by cutting. Had alot of stitches,I'm missing alot in my vagina area. There is no way that anyone could think that I'm a virgin again, there's not much left! I found that salt water baths and rinsing off with a squirt bottle each time go to the bathroom helped alot. Also, used a blow dryer on low to get the area dry. I used a cold pack to help with the pain. The drainage and foul odor was really bad for a while, better finally! Good luck!

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I had a wide margin local excision on Wednesday, 3/1/06. Monday was the first day I woke up without swelling. I still have pain and a burning type discomfort. Definite seepage with tinges of blood. Seepage is a weird yellow-orange. Called my gyn. onc. got the resident on call and she said come on in we'll take a look and make sure it's not infected.. The problem is I live 75 miles from the hospital and haven't been able to sit upright for more than 2 hours since the surgery. I am not fit to drive to Wal-Mart right now let alone Philadelphia.

For swelling try condom slushies!
Condom Slushies Rock!!!
Post vulvar biopsy and post wide margin excision of the carcinoma I experienced both pain & swelling.

How to Make Condom Slushies

1. Pour approximately 1.25 inches of rubbing alcohol into a condom, and then fill rest of the way with tap water leaving room to tie into a knot at the end.
2. Gently roll another condom onto the liquid filled condom and tie into a knot.
3. Make at least 4 of these Condom Slushies and place in freezer for 2 hours, overnight is even better.
4. Remove one Condom Slushie from freezer, wrap in wash cloth and place on vulva
5. You will now experience bliss

Swelling is a normal physical reaction to an invasive procedure. What no one tells you is how to comfortably apply ice to this area! As a matter of fact no one mentioned ice at all. It has been my experience that when any body part swells up after an injury or a surgery you ice it.
*This may also provide relief for women experiencing pain after an episiotomy.

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I had bowens vulva disease 3 years ago and got lazered. The recovery was extremely painful . expecially when I peed. The area is at the bottom of my vulva near my butt. I have been back to the doc and now i have VIN 3 and Im going to have the cutting this time. I would like to know if anyone had the lazering and now had this what is the difference in the recovery pain, and what can be done to tolerate it . With the lazer it took me 9 weeks to recover. Im freaking out this time around. Going to the talk to the oncologist tomorrow to get my dates. 

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