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Xeloda Questions

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I would like to know success stories while being on Xeloda, my dads cat scan showed his tumor in abdomon has grown just a little while being off chemo for 3 months. His options where back on chemo, radiation or Oral Xeloda. He has choosen Oral Xeloda. I prefer radiation but it is his body and his choice. Has anyone been on Xeloda and had a tumor shrink while being on it? Thanks for any information and thanks for all your prayers. Mindy

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Hi Mindy - every case is different, but I think you will find many Xeloda success stories here. I was diagnosed with Stage IV at the end of May - 1 met to the liver - started chemo at the end of July - Xeloda / oxaliplatin / Avastin. My scans currently show no evidence of disease (NED).

Can't say how much of my situation is due to which drug and I certainly can't comment on Xeloda vs radiation, or comment about an abdominal tumor, but you should know that Xeloda is a legitimate treatment. My oncologist prefers it to 5FU infusions.

I'll keep your dad in my thoughts and prayers.


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Hi Mindy:
I have heard really good things about xeloda..my husband was going to go on it for stage 4 but in order to get avastin here in Canada needed to go on a clinical trial and that was folfiri/avastin.
Best of luck with your Dad's treatments...I am sure it will be easier to tolerate oral meds

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Hi Mindy
My boyfriend has been on Xeloda since Sept 05 (currently NED) and has been fine- slightly sore toes and a bit tired but that's it. It's so much easier for him to tolerate than 5FU. Good luck!

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My husband was dx with colorectal cancer 10/03. Had radiation/xeloda before surgery and xeloda for three months following surgery. He had no side effects and had been NED for all testing since.
God bless,

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