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My Sisters Husband Died

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I along with the rest of the Family are in shock at this moment.I am waiting for her to call me back when she gets home from the hospital.She is suppose to have her surgery on the 7th of February-I just got off the phone with her a couple of hours ago-she was short of breath upon moving around and her rbc are down,suppose to go to Doc on Tuesday-Oh my God I don't know what to say, My mind is just going blank right now,my Brother in Law of over 20 years had a massive heart attack and died.I can't believe this-this is really , never mind I can't think clear enough right now.Will post again -Thanks Sue

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I am so, so sorry to hear about your sister's husband. How tragic this is for all of you. There are no words that I can say to ease this hurt you all must be feeling. But please know that I am praying for all of you for strength to get through this. I know the timing is not good, but I hope that your sister follows through as much as possible with her surgery and health care. But I would also keep the doctor informed, because it is important to be well, going into surgery. I will be going in on February 6, and I'm trying to maintain my health (no virus, cold, etc.) and keep up my strength. It is so important in terms of how well you do and surgery and how well you recover.
Again, my thoughts and prayers. God Bless you all.

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I am so sorry to hear about your sister's news! How awful for her. Sometimes one wonders how much people are expected to deal with. I do hope she is able to continue with her surgery but I guess the timing depends on how she is able to cope with the sudden death of her husband. I am sure her doctors will consider the urgency of her surgery along with her physical and emotional response to her husband's death.

I am presently awaiting results of an ultrasound of my left ovary which is enlarged, and blood tests including CA125.As I am 60, there is concern over the outcome of these tests. Even though I had very few signs...well, only a slight intermittent pain in left lower abdomen, we know that this particular cancer can go undetected until it is quite advanced.

Two and a half years ago, my husband was dx with stage 111C rectal cancer. He is doing well at the moment but I still consider myself his caregiver and have always dreaded getting sick myself.

Life can be a real challenge sometimes! I hope your sister comes through all this and is able to return to good health.

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Well it is morning now,the fog still seems thick but I appreciate Your responses. This is such a bad time-I had been mulling over going home to be with my sister for her surgery which isn't until next week the 7th,I have 2 doctor appointments myself this week-now i really don't know what to do.There are 900 miles between us so I can't just jump in my car and be there.I have got to figure out what to do and make a plan.If I'm not mistaken after surgery she will be in the hospital for a week and won't be able to do much for a while. If I go now I would need to be there longer than a couple of weeks.I have a family here to that needs me besides our pets. I think I'll just pray over it for a while,maybe God will give me direction.One of my appointments this week is with a plastic surgeon for breast reconstruction-if I qualify I need to get it done while I still have ins.,I'm on Cobra and only have about 5 more months left.So much ,I need to get my priorities situated.My Sister will find out for certain what stage her cancer is after the surgery--all of Your prayers are really appreciated-please don't forget us-when I go down there I don't know if I'll be able to find someone with a computer-no one in the family there has one. I know they are still cleaning up down there too from Hurricane Katrina,they tell me some people are living in tents still. There is an old saying that everything happens in 3's,well this is the 3rd for my sister-the hurricane,finding out she has cancer,now her husbands passing(he was only 50).I'll be praying .Again, Thank You so much, sorry to ramble
just trying to cope.
Lost in the fog,

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Oh Sue I am so sorry for your loss. I don't even know what to say, except you and your family are in my prayers.


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