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My Dad

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I was wondering if there was anyone going though chemo for advanced prostate cancer. My dad just found out he was hormone refractory. He is doing okay, while me on the other hand is very scared and sad. My dad is my rock and my hero. I can not get over what they are saying about his projected time frame. Help!!!!

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I am hormone refractory also and have been told that chemo is about all that is left as treatment. I do not have a job or insurance and have chosen to do nothing as I dont want to deal with the financial and physical side effects of any more treatment. Chemo may give some relief and extend life somewhat but I have been aware that there is no cure from it. It comes down to whether your dad thinks he wants to give it a try and deal with the side effects or if he just choses to do nothing. Do not get to upset about what the doctors say about his time frame. I was given a 50% chance to survive 2 years in Nov. 2002. I have bone pain but am still able to do almost anything that doesnt involve heavy lifting or sex. The less you worry about it the better life will be for you and your dad. I wish you all the best.

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I am so sorry to hear that, but your sprirts seem great. When did you find out you had prostrate cancer? I wish you much luck with your journey. Keep me posted. I really think my dad wants to at least try chemo, what are the side effects you have heard about?

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Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center is running a clinical trial using a protein called Lu-J591...Maybe you can check it out...Google Sloan Kettering J 591...Good Luck...Stu

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thank you so much I will check into that

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my dad has 2 duration of chemo.side effects at first was terrible.bone pain which was unbearable,he totaly lost his appetite for a week which made him depressed.but at the second time side effect is mild and he can tolerate it.he has TAXOTER and DEXAMETHASONE each time.researches proved that this regime will improve survival about 2-3 month.My dad is 69 and he had no symptoms or sign before chemothrapy.just eleveting PSA although he had lupron.

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