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Newly diagnosed with Vin 111

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Hi, I am 48 years old and contracted HPV from my ex-husband. I was diagnosed with Vin 111 last Thursday...I am scheduled for more biopsies and laser treatment on Feb 24th..If my doctor feels that there is a more involved tissue biopsy I will be referred to a GYN/Oncologist. I am beside myself...I am not afraid of the cancer as much as losing my womanhood and in November I had a hysterectomy because of fibroids and went through hell with that for 5 years...I keep asking when is it going to end? Then I hear it keeps coming back after the laser treatments..and even after surgery. I am at debbiesells@aol.com if anyone wants to be my pen pal that might be going through the same thing. Any advice or words of encouragement would be greatly apprciated...Thank you!

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You may want to contact others directly from this board through the internal CSN email system as they may not be checking the discussion boards regularly. To do this, click on the envelope icon next to their original message.

I wish you the best on your treatments.

Take care and be well,

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found mass in nov. 2005. looked unusual. two weeks later a punch boipsy sent to pathology. Another two weeks results. vin III. Nothing to worry about they say. We will do an excision and remove the mass and an area a little further around and deeper to get it all. Local done at gyn office. 20 stitches, should heal no problem and will send it off to pathology again. Sure we got it all. Healing very slow, stiches would not hold, regiment of cleaning and seeing the gyn twice weekly. Everything looking good. No infection healing slow but healing. 4 weeks later results. stage 1. My first visit with onc is 02/22/2006. I will face whatever comes to me, but d---it I did not expect this.
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