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In Search of Pathological T3A Staging Stats

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I was diagnosed in July 2005, had a retro pubic radical prostatectomy in early November. My clincal staging was 1c with a gleason rating of 6 (3+3).

The post-op report was not what I was hoping for. My gleason rating went up to 7+ (4+3) with some gleason score 5's, staging went up to T3a (penetration on the right side beyond the capsule) and prostate had extensive cancer throughout. The good news was that lymph nodes, seminal vescules, and vasdeferns (sic) were all clear.

I have been in search of Pathological T3a staging stats such as survival with and without adjuvant radiation, etc. Help Please!

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You might find the information you're seeking on this site. I'm scheduled for surgery in February and have researched in this site frequently. Good luck.

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My post op histology was slightly different from yours Gleason 4+4s,4+5 right side and 4+3s left side. Extension to the right side but no lymph node or seminal tissue disease. You don't mention your psa but mine was 6.4 pre op which was low for the stage of tumour so a special watch was kept on my psa which came down to 0.3 post op but never to zero. However after 5 weeks I felt well and went back to work and felt increasingly well since my op in April 2004. Because my psa was still 0.3 my urologist and oncologist decided I should have conformal radiation which went well but didn't alter my psa appreciably and the good doctors still can't find anything after numerous mri scans to cause the reading. Now to answer your question after this diatribe.

My sister who heads our oncology planning service looked at the stats for my stage of tumour and decided my survival chances were slight. I had other ideas and I took action with my diet - I was a fit 60 year anyway. My point to you is that statistics can mislead the individual case. You can have a great chance of survival or a poor one it is often down to your determination to take the disease head on. Try Essiac tea and organic veg and meat, cutout dairy. A bit of exercise helps. The cases I have read about all had a poor prognosis but they still survived.

Best wishes with your quest

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Thank you for your feedback. I'm 50 years old, my pre-op PSA hit a high of 4.4. Yeah, low for someone with as extensive a cancer as mine. My first PSA at 6 weeks post-op is "undetectable".

I've been off red meat since last July when diagnosed. I've eliminated dairy fat pretty much, no processed meats, have always been a veggie eater, can do 30 miles on a road bike in 2hrs sometimes slightly less. I have always been a vitamin taker, have since ramped it up to include daily doses of Immunical to boost glutathoine, selenium, fish oils, and red rice yeast. I will try the Essiac tea. Thank you.

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Google Partin Tables. I assume you've ready Walsh's book. If not, do - it's all in there

You might want to think about salvage radiation as a precaution. Don't let the beast spread if it's still around.

How's your PSA?

Keep the faith. You still have one possible curative step, several other "roadblock" treatments and time to get knowledgeable and make decisions. Contact me with any specific questions, I'll do my best to fill you in where my experience allows!!

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Go to All about the prostate, the complete information site, then scan down to Treatment options. John

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