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Fighting NHL with diet?

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I am a 42 year old male who was diagnosed in November with B-Cell NHL. I am healthy, in good shape (exercised 5 days a week) and had a good diet. Go figure. As a result the symptoms of my soccer ball sized tumor were misdiagnosed for several months as a bad back strain from playing golf. Anyhow, I have had two chemo treatments, the first being CHOP the second adding Rituxin. I am scheduled for 4 more. I feel extremely well, side effects have been virtually non-existant, (aside from being bald as a cue-ball) I am no longer on any pain killers or other drugs. So far so good, I could have it a lot worse. My question is, does anyone have any information on diet and NHL? I have read where cancer is a sugar-feeder and can be fought by eliminating sugar from the diet (and excess carbs) and by eating lots of whole, unprocessed foods (fresh leafy vegetables, fish etc.). My doctors have given me zero info. on this, they just tell me to eat whatever I want, just no sushi, or old leftovers. I've got to believe that diet can play a role in fighting this. Perhaps I just want to have a more hands-on role in fighting this beyond happy thoughts and prayer. I did get a big speech from the docs. about being wary of alternative therapies etc. and I have no intention of abandoning my treatments. I am confused about this disease, they haven't found it in other organs but think it is in my bone marrow but aren't sure. They won't give me a prognosis, I don't even know what stage it was at when diagnosed. I feel a little helpless. Any response would be appreciated. Thank you

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You may want to do a search of the Personal Web Pages to locate members who have incorporated nutrition into their cancer treatment. To do this, click on "Personal Web Pages" on the left and side of this page. Then click on the criteria you are searching for and add words such as "nutrition" in the search bar. If you find someone you would like to contact, you can do so through the CSN internal email system.

I wish you the best on your treatment.

Take care and be well,

CSN Dana

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Hi Barrett,

There is an excellent book by Patrick Quillin entitled Beating Cancer with Nutrition. It discusses just the things you mentioned. I am a colon cancer survivor and you may want to lurk on our forum because we have several survivors who have beat their disease with diet and complimentary therapies.

I am so sorry for your diagnosis, but am happy to hear that your treatments are going so well.

I lost a 28 year old friend to NHL that mutated into Burkitt's lymphoma. I feel so badly that I didn't not encourage her more to cut the sugar and sodas from her diet. I really think it would have made a difference.

I hope all goes well with your upcoming treatment.


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I am a 42 old female, had stage 3 B-cell NHL and received same treatment you are! I am in remission after finishing CHOP and Rituxin cycle. My oncologist said the same for food. She stated eat what you can. Of course I did as I was scared to death and felt sorry for myself. I gained 30 lbs. during treatment as the longer you go, the less energy you have. When I was able to eat, I ate a lot of toast which makes you feel better and chocolate pudding. Not a healthy choice, but it didn't make me sick. The steriods will make you not sleep and be hungry all the time. I would recommend eating healthier as you will pull through this as I did. Don't be afraid to ask your oncologist about your prognosis and your staging. I am surprised that you didn't have a bone marrow biopsy. I had one before treatment began so it can be properly treated and staged. Stage 4 is when it is in your major organs or bone marrow. After the 3rd treatment you will start to get fatigued. Make sure you get rest as I believe this is also a major part of healing and prepping yourself for remission. Best of luck and stay positive.

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Hi Califdeb, thanks for the response. I actually did have a bone marrow biopsy. The lab said my bone marrow and my blood didn't show positive for lymphoma. I thought this was great until my Dr. said "well I think with a tumor the size of the one you have, it probably is in your marrow, the biopsy just doesn't give a broad enough sample of cells for a definitive answer". Bummer. We'll see I guess. They are hoping the chemo will be effective against it. I have had no problem with appetite so far, and have been eating tons of healthy food. I have lost weight, but I attribute that to the absence of my favorite food group in my diet. Beer. I did get ill for one day after my third treatment, but I haven't been weak. It will be interesting to see if the treatments get progressively more difficult. I hope not, but just have to deal with it. Good luck to you too!

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I am a 39 year old female who had B-cell lymphoma and had chemo 2/04 to 6/04. I did alot of research about diet and cure and I agree with you that sugar and diet have everything to do with recovery. I bought a book called ph miracle by Dr. Robert Young and it is brillant. Please get it. You will be impressed!

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Yes, I was successful in helping my father with his NHL both before and after his therapies. I made it treatable and the put it into remission. It was some unusual circumstances that allowed me to intervine. the results were amazing. It was a little more than just diet but still simple and all natural. My story and methods are at moonmaidenmedicine.com. Live well.

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Hello I am Debbie Goodman my picture is in the gallery with the poem SISTERS along with a picture of me before and after. regarding to the diet and Non Hodgkins Lymphoma, I ate all natural food as well as veggies, fruits and meats. I heard about all the diets. but, it is more than eating good you have to stop smoking if you smoke, exercise regularly and think possitive and eat right as well. feel free to contact me at reddingfemale on yahoo messenger or reddingfemale@yahoo.com. If you have any more questions.

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Hi, not sure where to begin...my Uncle was just diagnosed with NHL stage 4. Just wondering what stage 4 means if all he has had done is blood work, CT scan and bone marrow. I believe he goes for a lymph biopsy next week. It just seems things are moving slow if indeed he is a stage 4. He also fears chemo, and saying he won't do it, and is looking into other methods. Any advise would be greatly apreciated. thanks Katz

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Stage 4, if I am putting this right, means that the cancer is not localized to one area but is in multiple parts of the body. Please have your uncle speak with people who have been through chemo, it isn't fun, but it certainly is something he can get through, he may even have only minor side effects. I am looking into alternative therapies, diet etc. now that I am done with chemo, to improve my general health, but there is no question in my mind -chemo saved my life. It works. Please try to get your Uncle to consider this decision carefully. Good luck katz. -b

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