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husband at 46 has kidney cancer

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my husband has kidney cancer. Starting in July we found out, they took out his kidney in August. He never really recovered when he was home and they were treating him for phneumonia which never got better. After finally doing more test they said the cancer spread to his liver and lungs where originally they said it did not spread. He's starting chemo the week of 11/5/05 so this is all new for both of us. Has anyone experienced something similar to what we're going through right now and what to expect or how to hold up as a caregiver.

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Hi: my husband has cancer of the bile duct, then they found it in the pancrease and liver. He is on gemzar and tarceva. The tumor markers have gone down dramatically. He has lost a lot of weight from nausa and diarrhea. The doctors thought it was from the Tarceva, and took him off it. but that wasn't it, so he is back on. A lot of people I have spoken with, do well on the Gemzar. It wrechs havoc on my husband. He also had a surgery that bypassed the bile duct, pancrease and removed the gall bladder. He is determined to fight this. As a caregiver, I try to stay positive, even when I do not feel so positive myself. He has my support, and knows that I love him and want to keep him around as long as possible. Try to take care of yourself, we tend to let our health etc slip. Also, try to get together with friends and go for dinner, etc. you will be surprised how much a break with do for you, at least every couple of weeks. I will keep you and your husband in my prayers. Augie

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Hi! My husband had a similar case. In 1999 we discovered his kidney cancer, which was removed, after he had methastasis in both lungs, which were operated as well, 36 lumps removed. He did a combination of immunotherapy and chemo, after the oncologist tried thalidomide, which was very effective and he became in remission until May 2005, when cancer came back very fierce and spread to his splean and liver. He passed away in August 2005. He was 44 when first diagnosed. 7 months are gone and I'm looking for people in similar situation as me to share as sometimes is quite hard, even though I do consider myself quite tough and consciencious regarding the whole situation. I'm trying to keep my feet on the ground mainly because of our two daughters, 6 and 8.

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