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I am sending this note to a very special lady!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I thought that I would drop you a short line and send your BETTER half a very special HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAINBOW!!!!! I know I have been awol for a while but you guys have never been far from my thoughts!!!!!

Jen have a GREAT time at your party or if you read this after the fact as I forget the time change. I hope that you had a GREAT time and the both of you got to get into your birthday suits some time during the day!! Ha!

Jen I give you all the credit for putting up with that man of yours!!! He is one of a kind!!!!

Have a WONDERFUL DAY!!!!!!



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Hullo dear Sue.....we hope you are doing ok sweetie. I have forwarded to you and others some pics from yesterday. Jen says thank you very much and to everyone she wants to send big huggs and kisses.
I know she sends these words in all sincerity. Jen knows of most of you and has shared the good times and the sad times. She knows how much love and support we all share together, truly she does.
Love always, Ross and Jen

...now I better get my act together..it looks like a tornado has hit and I need to do party cleanup!.......lol!

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Yes, I want to second those birthday wishes to Jen also. Kanga you always talk so sweetly about the love of your life. God bless both of you., and many many more!


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Well, A Wonderful, Delightful, Super-Duper, Fantastic Birthday, to you dear Jen. Is it the 23rd yet? That Aussie time stuff really messes with my chemo brain!! Hehe

Love the pics. You two are a great couple. I hope Kanga Man came through for you, Jen. Of course, I'm sure he did. He's the most thoughtful, loving guy, I've ever met!

Well, again, Happy Birthday! Enjoy and Laugh!

All my love,


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Aw..now don't go embarrassing me on here for all to see! You are all so sweet.The 23rd was yesterday and yes, she had a top day. It pretty much took me 3 days to et things set up here...you know..housework, cleaning and organising the day. But then it was really worth it and I would walk across water to please my gal.
Gail..I talk so "sweetly" about her 'cos we did say...love, honor, cherish, 'til death do us part. I still believe that!

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There once was a gal named Jen;
Whose birthday was right around the bend!
She had a good man,
Who did all that he can;
To celebrate with family and friends!

The pics from the party,
Showed everyone there;
From young up to old,
There was much love and care!

For birthdays, as you know,
Are no longer to dread!
Because dear hubby Ross,

Happy Birthday to Jen,
With MANY MANY more to come!
I hope you didn't think,
This poem was too dumb!

All the BEST wishes Jen!


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Happy, happy birthday to Jen. It's a good thing you can't hear my singing, I have a terrible voice. lol


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I hope Jen's hearing was not damaged by my singing!!!!!!!

Rest up after the party now honey!!!!!!

Love, Lisa P.

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Jen has just read the replies and thanks you all. Stacey.....I have printed out the replies so we also get a copy of your poem. I did not think it dumb..in fact it is quite good babe!
Thank you.....Ross n Jen

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