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started again

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I started with PSA of 68 Gleason 9 had rad and lupron shots.Everything went ok for about a year PSA down to .05 Went to doctor two days ago and now PSA up to 11 do not know what to do.Has anyone had this happen? Scared Mike

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Mike; I am sorry;I have no ans to this,but it does make me wonder about our situation,in that we,my husband is about to start the same treatment,I know that no two people respond quite the same,what is your age?my husband is 73

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reagan I do not want you to worry without cause.For most people the rad and lupron shots work.I started with high numbers 68PSA Gleason 9 . So do not worry over something that may never happen
God Bless

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Mike two years after treatment my PSA began to rise...I am presently on 150 MG of Casodex and my PSA dropped...I am told this approach can work for up to three years...I don't know for sure since I have only been on this medication for two months but so far so good... I do know that the side effects of this medication is much less than Lupron...

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after 5 month my father's psa changed from 1.2 to 2.1 urologist said it is not much important and we should wait.but if it goes higher chemotherapy is suggested.He said 3-5 years cancer will be resistant to hormontherapy.But he knows someone after 10 years psa is still undetectible.I think we can do nothing exept praying and...waiting.

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Hi Mike: I, like Stuart, had a PSA rise after treatment and was started on Casodex. I have been on it since May 1, 2004 and the PSA has remained at "less than 0.10" - it got to that within 3 months after starting the drug. My doctor is stopping it for me and we'll check the PSA in 6 months. I'm very optimistic about the future. While your PSA result is much higher than mine, there is a good chance that with the right treatment, it can get down again. Keep us posted on what course you choose.

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Hello Everyone I sent an email to everyone about my Good friend Tony. She started with Bone Cancer and it spread into a couple of areas. She was laid up in a bed for about 6 months. She for the past three years now is cancer free and believes strongly in the natural Marine Vegtable. To this day she has helped over 400 people in the sickness, majority being cancer related. If intrested write back and i will show you the Goverment studies showing this nutrient fighting off cancer. Also Tony will speak with anyone if wanted and i will get all the free info out to you. God Bless all of you Tom

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Well went back to doctor 11/19/05 PSA has gone up again.Doctor is putting me on casodex and leaving me on lupron.Said might get bad in a year to year and half.iv chemo will come after casodex if it does not work.I havent Quit yet but it sure gets hard sometimes

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