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update on my wife, stage IIIc CRC

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Hi all, just wanted to pass along great news regarding my wife Kim. It has been one year since her diagnosis and surgery. Five months of FOLFOX6. She is doing beautifully and is NED! CEA of 1.0, all blood and liver measurements normal, scans clear! She is still regaining her strength and dealing with the neuropathy (oncologist recommended cal/mag and 900 mg of alpha lipoic acid daily) but has already made a number of overdue lifestyle changes (diet, exercise, etc.). We are very blessed! She can't quite bring herself to juicing, though (sorry Emily!)

I hope many others read this and derive strength and encouragement. She does not visit this site but I do on a daily basis. Many are going through tough times and it is heartwrenching. But this beast can be slain so fight the good fight! Prayers and best wishes for all!

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Congratulations to Kim and to you. It is so encouraging to read that others are winning this battle. Hubby does not read this board but encourages me to. I share with him all the good reports as a means of encouragement and other stuff as points of reference when questions are asked. Good news helps everyone keep up the fight just a little longer and is especially beneficial for us newbies. Again, congratulations of the great news.


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Thanks for sharing your wonderful news! It's stories like hers that we all need to hear, regardless of where we are on the treatment spectrum!

Wishing you and Kim many many more years of success!


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Thanks for the good news and encouragement. Having been recently re-staged to 4 from 3-- I love to hear the good news others share!!! blessings to both of you. I have seen my husband cry when he thought the worse was coming my way. You, who spend time caring for us, patients, deserve thanks and recognition. We, patients, could not do it without the support of our loved spouses and family. more blessings! Thanks again!

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Congratulations!!! I wish your wife continued NED scans. I really love those words. It is nice to share your story, it gives others hope.


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Great stuff Andy!...and pass along our best wishes to Kim mate. Good results are a godsend to all here that need support, especially our new friends who are just beginning the journey.
cheers from oz, kanga n Jen

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