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What cancer patients, their families, and caregivers need to know about COVID-19.


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Hey everyone. As usual I have not been posting as much as I should. I thought we could talk about the recent hurricane. It has been devastating. I kinda think it can relate to cancer because it is not something you ask for or want. But it happens and your life in an instant is different. I live in PA and all I see is the gas prices. We have a truck coming to our house tomorrow picking up a full 2 car garage of stuff that is being donated. We are moving and had everything we were donating packed up and now neighbors brought stuff over. Never thought the 30 bags of clothing and an over sized garage stacked to the ceiling would just not seem like enough. Anyway. I thought everyone would like to talk about this. I hope to see plenty of postings.


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Hi Diva,
Good post. Yes, I do think we should keep the victims of Hurricane katrina in mind. I think there are a lot of places for people do donate necessities and money. I think Salvation Army is helping? God bless.
-Michael (leukemia survivor)

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Donate blood. Alot of local malls are doing it. What's one more needle. We have already proved how tough we are!

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Hi All,
Since seeing the post on Katrina and donating blood thought I'd pass on a bit of info. As far as donating blood if you check with the blood bank in your area you'll find ,just as I did, that depending on the kind of cancer you had and the course of treatment used ,I had BC w/A/C, they will not take my blood until I have reached my 5 year mark, because of chemo.Since I am a BC survivor and older than most of you , I hope you don't mind me posting this info.I believe the common link between us is the cancer,not the age,to which the standards for giving blood are the same,each state has a different set of rules though so it doesn't hurt to check. But if you find you cannot help out in this manner there are still alot of different things you can do to make a difference.The devastation down there is of biblical proportions-even the smallest of things make a big difference,for those who have nothing now.I get first hand information since all of my family are living or trying to live in Gulfport and Long Beach Ms.I'm just glad they are all alive-there is an emotional upheaval there-some lost everything but not all.Those who didn't feel guilty ,crazy isn't it.Whether it is emotional support,financial support or the blood for life,all things are important right now.
Sorry to go on like this--I know I'm not suppose to be here,this board is reserved for the young survivors,I find it interesting-I have three children a 30 year old step son,a 23 year old son and a 13 year old daughter-talking with them and reading your post-keeps me young at heart-Alot of brave souls out there-thank you for your inspiration.
God Bless You All,

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Thanks Sue. I meant to post about the blood thing because I know I can not donate blood and most of us cancer survivors will not be able to. I know I can not and that my doctors do not want me to. Thanks for posting Sue. Also, yes there are other ways to help out. Your welcome to post here anytime.


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NONSENSE!!!!..... mssue you are ALWAYS welcome to post here in our little corner of the world! Not only are you welcome, but we are grateful to you for your contributions! Thank you. God bless.

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Michael and Kristin are right. Even though you are older and as you think, shouldnt be in this group. If you have kind and encouraging words then you should post them wherever you feel like. Cancer is like the hurricane if you think about..like kristin said, its not wanted, or needed. But it happens. I had lukemia when I was 3. I've been in remission for 10 years, and like Kristin said, many of the cancer survivors are not able to donate blood. I would if I could, but my doctor does not think it is wise. Anyways, everyone keep up the faith, and keep on smiling =]


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Another way to donate is your time. The red cross is looking for volenteers for local and national emergencys. Im schedualed to go to training in Oct to go into the affected areas but they always need people locally.

Good luck everyone,
Ken (2 time ALL surv)

PS sorry about the spelling

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