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ct scan pushed back

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well my dad saw his oncologist yesterday and today he was scheduled for his ct scan but the oncologist felt we can wait another month. of course the worry wart that i am kinda questioned him about this but he feels being on a 4 month surveillance is the same as being on the 3 month schedule. i don't know how i feel about this. what do you guys think???


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I'd be feeling similarly to you....and why did the doc/team change their minds? There are national guidelines for surveillance -- might be worthwhile to ask your dr. why s/he is following a 4-mo vs. 3-mo schedule. For what it's worth, my plan for CT got pushed back a month or so, because I am behind in my chemo schedule. I'm not sure one month makes much difference....Hang in there!!

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I had my surgery in April to remove rectal tumour (Dukes Stage C). CT in June showed nothing in liver/lungs etc. I'm prepared to wait until Nov for another CT scan. CT scans are injurious to the body and can cause cancer. Hang in there.

John West

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Indeed many doctors, including mine at MD Anderson are switching to every 4 months in light of a recent study by the American Academy of Sciences which indicates that there is no level of radiation that does not increase the risk of cancer. In order to lower that risk, many docs are decreasing the frequency of scans. I personally feel that every 4 months is adequate in most cases. 10 scans in a lifetime, according to the study gives a person a 1 in 100 risk of developing cancer as a result of it. I have already have had well in excess of that many, so I do not want to have any unnecessary radiation. My doc here in Alaska was talking about dropping down to once every 6 months after the "one year mark" is passed.

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