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Just diagnosed

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I just became a member of your fratenity. I was told yesterday that I have early stage prostrate cancer. A few months ago I was hospitalized with a UTI. After several bouts with antibiotics- we thought the problem was gone. Until a routine blood test, showed that my PSA went from 1.8 to 8.02 in less than one year. The dr said it was probably UTI still in my system. More antibiotics were given and the PSA remained high.. then we did a biopsy and the 10th core showed the BEAST.
I can only say that I am devastated. My options are limited- I am a colon cancer survivor and that rules out IMRT. My 2 options are the seeds or RP.. I am scheduled for a cat scan and bone scan tomorrow. A visit with the radiology oncologist next week- any input, experiences- would be greatly appreciated..

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So sorry to hear of your diagnosis. However, it appears you beat Cancer once, whats to say it can't be twice??

I am a 4 yr survivor of Prostate Cancer myself. I elected to have an RP and have never regretted my decision. I now lead a completely normal life with no exceptions! At age 62 1/2 I do anything I want and truly am enjoying life. I do have the ordinary aches and pains that an active 62 yr old man has.

The logic behind me electing surgery versus seeds was:
1. I wanted to be rid of the Cancer
2. Following implants, should the cancer re-surface, surgery was eliminated as a second option.

Suggestions: Get a second opinion, research as much as possible, keep a positive attitude, be comfortable with you decision once you have decided on type of treatment.

Keep in mind, everyone is different, and therefore the outcomes of the same treatment vary.

If you would like to communicate privately please feel free to e-mail me from my personal web page on this site.


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I opted to have the surgery, just over 7 years ago. I'm doing very well, but had to start mono-therapy Casodex 15 months ago.

The main reason I opted for surgery is that I was told that it offered the best chance for totally getting rid of the cancer. That is the chance I wanted. I will soon be 66 and while at times I wonder whether that was the *best* decision, I think I would still choose to have the surgery. By not choosing surgery, that means the cancer cells are still in the body, for sure. I was told that eventually they would re-emerge after radiation therapy, and that surgery then would likely not be an option. The cancer would be more difficult to treat later rather than sooner.

I was a candidate for radiation due to the early stage cancer, but for me, choosing surgery over the other options (there are NO good options)seemed to be the best.

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Willx: Four years ago I was diagnosed with PC...After radiation my PSA recently began to rise...I just started 150 MG Casodex...I would like to know how you are doing and what are the side efects...Thank you

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The membership list keeps getting bigger and bigger but everyone here tells their story and each story helps in your decision. I was diagnosed with early stage prostate in April 2004. I researched heavilly for 3-4 months but chose to a watchful waiting situation, primarilly because I needed to qualify for health insurance which only started in March of this year. I am still at a 5.1 and I have tried to become that educated consumer on our subject. In addition to everyone else's comments I am looking into robotic laperoscopic surgery. Possibly the Divinci robotic. The history is not as long as the others but the results since 1999 are excellent. Look into that also and compare. Good luck.


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This beast can be beat.. I was diagnosed in Dec 2003 at the age of 46. No family history. I elected for the RP nerve sparing procedure. I am
ELATED with the results. Best of a bad situation.
My life is normal and happy as you have every reasonable hope to look forward to since you are an early detection.

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Hi folks,
After have a colonospicy the doctor found a large polop in my colon. He took a biospy of it but suspects it may be colon cancer and has stated I may need to go int surgy. I have a CT scheduled for nest week to see if the cancer has spread. I have not yet found out what stage it is or all the info. I am 58 year old male who is otherwise in good health. I am not sure if I can handle the surgy. Please advise me and I will keep in contact as soon as I get the entire info on my possible colon cancer.

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