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cat scan

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Hello everybody. Today I went for my routine cat scan. Had one in February and came back normal. In August of last year I had one done and I went in crying. I don't know why but i boo-hooed for a while. Two days later, the nurse called me and told me they saw a mass in the same spot where the 1st tumor was. I just lost it. I had surgery to remove it and went thru radiation with flying colors. Started the Xeloda 500 mg and only side effects is the discoloration of the palms of my hands and soles of my feet. Today while I was taking the cat scan, I feel comfortable and relaxed and the tech said the doctor will contact me. While lying on the table, I prayed to God to let His will be done and whatever the outcome is I know He's be there to comfort me. God leaves us here for a reason. I'm always telling my testimony. If people get tired of hearing it, so be it but I know it's God's will for me to still be here. Does anybody on this site have problems when they are drawing blood? My veins are roly and sometimes they have a hard time finding them in my arms. They used a heating pad last year to find them. Does anybody here have a suggestion to find my veins easier? Any exercises? The poor tech tried on my right arm and nothing but the left one she found okay. After all the treatments and procedures that have been done to me over the last 2 1/2 years, I tense up when they draw blood. Any answers will be helpful. Thank you all and may God bless us.

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I am glad you felt more relaxed during your CT scan this time. Please let us know when you hear the results. Waiting can be hard.

I also have veins which are difficult to access. Because I am currently on IV chemo, I had a Hickman (central line) installed. However, I'm sure you don't want to do that just for drawing blood! Heating pad can be useful. I'm sure you already do the hand pumping, squeezing palm, etc. I'm not sure how much difference being tense makes, but I also get tense about blood drawing. I wonder if some relaxation/meditation might help? I recently bought a couple of meditation CDs (guided imagery) and they are wonderful. Best wishes.

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Good luck with the results. Sounds like you found the right attitude!

IV tips. Heating pad, or warm blanket are very helpful. They help dilated the blood vessels. ALSO, drink LOTS of water before you get there!!!! It helps a lot. I also have rolling and small veins. Getting a line is often a nightmare. Chemo causes scaring and makes the IV even more difficult to get.

Try to stay calm and take big relaxing breaths. Heck, if you can get through surgery and cancer, what's a little blood draw. The motto: this too shall pass.

Let us know about your results. I will be thinking of you. jana

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You have received good advice in here: heat, lots of water, relax - those all help. Also, tell the tech who draws the blood to apply traction because your veins roll and are small. I ALWAYS have a heck of a time getting an IV in for my ct scans - hands are sometimes easier than arms. In addition, when they DO get an IV in, it will blow easily. Same problem when they installed my port - small veins, so they had to use a pediatric port. Ask them to try a pediatric needle when they draw blood - that may also help. Good luck!

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