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pre-op tips (claudia)

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Hi. I just want to give you some pre-op tips to get ready for when you have surgery. I was seeing a therapist, who is a cancer survivor, and she gave me wonderful tips.
I had an APR and abd graft was taken, so my abd required serious healing. Use whatever you think may help:

- Get a removeable shower head. If you need to keep areas dry, it is a must! Helps with showering in general.
- Get a wedge pillow from a medical supply store. If your abd is sore, laying flat is a BIG problem. I slept with the wedge for quite a while.
- Get a donut pillow to sit on. Make sure you clear it with the surgeon - if sutures are delicately placed, it can also be problematic. I used mine for months, esp. in the car.
- Buy pajamas that button down the front, completely. This way you can wear your clothes, and still have MD's check you without too much problem.
- Bring bathrobe and slippers to hospital. You need to walk around ASAP post-op. Wearing your own stuff makes you feel better.
- Buy some underwear a couple sizes too big. My butt was swollen and tender - watch out Jenn Lopez!
- Talk to anesthesia... I STRONGLY rec. an epidural. It allows you to get up and walk around so much faster.
- My hubbie brought all my get well cards and hung them all over the room. It really brightened up the room and made it feel more like my place. Think about what will make you smile - and heal fast to get home and see your baby quicker!
- Before my surgery I began yoga, to try to relax and stretch. Now I am an addict. My surgeon states my yoga keeps discomfort away. I got a DVD and did it at home. Think about it.

That is all I can think of right now. Hopefully others will add on to help list what helps them. Be well. Hope the juicing is getting better. :) jana

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Thanks so much!
Some questions. Wedge for sleeping...you mean to keep you propped up? Where do i get a donut? Epidural for how many days? You mean like a regional one with which I can still walk, etc.? I used to do yoga and stopped in January when I started having bowel issues while I was pregnant as I did not trust being in a class at the studio without having to go to the bathroom over and over again. I have a dvd at home. I will try. Any specific one to recommend?

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Yep. A wedge to keep you up, to sleep on and just sit up with when lounging post-op and reading, watching TV. OH, I also joined NetFLix (internet DVD site) and set up a queue of nothing but comedies to watch in my leisure.
You can get donuts at any drug store or pharmacy. Just ask.
I can't remember how many days I had my epidural. Not many, maybe 3-4. Yep, a regional one to get you out of bed and walking 12-24 hrs after surgery.
My first yoga tape was the one for women. Gotta tell you, I used to be a gymnast and I am pretty flexible. The womens health DVD was great for me to start with. No props necessary.

Hope this helps. jana

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