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1 year gratitude

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One year ago I was diagnosed at Stage III with six out of 10 lymph nodes. I just got my most recent c-t scan results and once again, I'm NED. Ever since surgery I've been clean. My doc is feeling so pleased that he recommended going six months before my next c-t scan, though I opted for five to get it over with before the holidays. I think his optimism meant even more to me than my clear scan.

I just want to thank everyone on this site for--well, for everthing: wisdom, encouragement, bad jokes, good jokes, nutrition advice, pro-Lance propaganda, invitations to Las Vegas, and all the rest of the semi-and-no-colon palooza. I'm prepping for a colonoscopy tonight (the party just keeps on rolling along, doesn't it?) and I know, you've all been here, too.

There is so much tragedy on this site--Nettie and Judy are very much on my mind right now--but also so much hope. And a great bunch of people with whom to share it all. Thanks for being out there.



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Great news...thanks for sharing!

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What a nice post; and big congrats on the one year mark; it's great to reach those milestones, and important news to keep hope in all our hearts.
Good luck with the colonoscopy; keep up the good work. Judy

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I agree Judy; what a lovely post. Thank you and congrats!! So happy that your CT came out so well.
Best of luck with you colonoscopy...I know being housebound for the day isn't fun.....Hoping you come through with flying colors.

All the best.

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hi ellie. i am so glad to hear that you are ned. i hope and pray that is what you keep hearing until you reach that cure mark at five yrs. sharing in your joy. God bless


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Great news. I had the same wonderful news a few weeks ago.

Best of luck with the colonoscopy. I'm sure you'll have great results.

Barb ( who put a couple drops of orange extract in her Colon Prep Stuff )

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Congratulations! Good luck with your colonoscopy also! It will be 2 years for me on July 31st! I love to hear wonderful news from the cancer survivors. We are all doing good by the grace of God, and I pray for all of us each day.

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wonderful wonderful wonderful news! You seem to be on the same test schedule my dad is on. Go and celebrate this weekend!


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Great to hear you have reached 1 year Ellie. After you finish your prep and colonoscopy dont forget to celebrate properly. And don't forget to put a glass on the table for your semicolon friends! (juice of course..lol!)
We hope your colonoscopy comes out fine.
love.....kanga n Jen

For Nettie.
Hi sweetie....sorry I missed your last post......just letting you know Jen and I are still with you babe.....always with you!!
huggs....Ross n Jen

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Hurray!!!!!!!!! That is sooo wonderful. Live life to its fullest, and carry on and on and on.

Thanks for sharing with all of us. jana

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Congrats on reaching this milestone. I know what a great feeling it is.


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