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went to the onc on monday sd he is very concerned. he is going to try to give me a different combo of chemo. right now i am not feeling well and my left side hurts in the lung area. at this point for the first time in the 8 yrs of have been dealing with this i am just numb. i told my children that mommys body was very sick again and that i was going to have to take the medicine that makes mommy sick. my daughter sd mommy are you going to be with us much longer and i sd as calmly as i could that God is the one who decides how long someone will live so i dont know. i will start treatment on friday. i think i am a little depressed. there has got to be a better way to eat up this cancer than chemo. i am also doing a lot of coughing and it is hard to breath just to walk across the room because of the cancer in the left lung. anyway thanx for listening and blotting my tears with cyber kleenex.

Gods richest blessings

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Dear Nettie -

I am so sorry for your sadness right now. This si depressing, and so horribly frustrating. If you do think that there is a better way to deal with the cancer than chemo, maybe an alternative approach (juicing as a start) is for you. It certainly does work for some people...and they are feeling wonderful. Think about your options. It is such a personal decision.

Take care and know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Allthe best to you,

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Whatever you decide, Nettie, whatever course you choose, we wish you the best luck. When I was growing up, both of my parents dealt with colon cancer so I remember those parent/child conversations. They can be so difficult.

Best wishes,

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{{{{Nettie}}}}, I was so saddened by your message. I hope this next round of chemo helps.

I finally told our children (8 & 4) about their daddy not doing well. They asked me if daddy was going to die and I said he might. They both started crying, but by the time we got home they were hunting lightning bugs.

You will be in my thoughts.


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I hope the chemo works well for you and shrinks those tumors back down. Have you had success with chemo several times before? I read that you have been fighting this for 8 years ...here's to MANY more.

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I am sending lots of hugs and prayers your way. Hang in there. You know we are all here pulling for you.


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Good luck mate ,you deserve some (((((nettie))))) Ron.

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Nettie, I was sorry to read your news. You and your family are in my prayers; you are an amzing person to have been fighting this fight so well for so long. Wishing you renewed strength, keep us posted. Judy

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Nettie - I am newly diagnosed and new to this board and am thus humbled to even reply to you. But I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Sincerely hoping this new round of treatments helps.


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Dear Nettie~ I am so saddened to hear your news. I admire your answer to your children and I hope that your faith in God will give you some peace. Please know that you and your family are in my prayers.


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I felt so bad when I read your post, but don't give up, just hang in there. Be strong for your children, and yourself! You and your family are in my prayers, may God give you peace.

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i am so sorry to hear these news. i too am newly diagnosed and humbled. i was reading a book about HOPE that a long distance friend who also had rectal cancer who i have never met in person sent me. the woman in it highly recommends the cancer treatment centers of america. do you have one near you??????

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Nettie, you are such a wonderful person. You have touched each and every one of us here; and we haven't even met you!! Your kids are so lucky to have you as their mom. Live each moment to its fullest. Stay strong and continue the fight.

As always, you remain in my thoughts and prayers. Be well.
love, jana

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Our thoughts are with you nettie,
you are in our prayers. Bel, Reini, Mia

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Dear Nettie,

I remain hopeful for you. There are some amazing stories of survival out there...I have a friend who has been battling metasticized cancer for decades. While the treatments are always difficult, they have kept her alive and active and able to appreciate the days of remission. I wish the same for you.

Those talks with my kids have always been so hard--my daughter was 12 when I was diagnosed and my son was 15. But struggle is a part of life. I keep hoping that my children are learning something positive in the midst of all this fear.

I wish you well, Nettie. Please let us know how it is going.



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I am so sorry this disease continues to have a hold on you.

Please know that we are here for you. We pray for you and your family each day.

May God grant you strength to conquer this disease.

Love to you,Nettie


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