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just checkin in

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hello all. i have been off chemo now since dec and the results of my last scan were what one would expect. i dont go for another scan until aug. anyway we took our first family vacation ever and had such a great time. although i am enjoying my time off chemo i feel like at the same time i am not doing anything to kil this stuff and i am not sure that i can. i read this site everyday and i pray for all on here. i have never needed motivation b4 but for some reason i need it this time to start working out. how some things change. well the bottom line is there is no way around all this so you have to go through it so pick who you go through it with wisely and i appreciate all of you here. take care


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I think of you often and pray for your good health. I am glad that you had a nice vacation. It is good to have some time off.
I hope that you will get some "get up and go". It seems very elusive sometimes.
Love and Hugs,

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Nettie -

Enjoy your time off chemo. Allow your body time to regroup, rejuvinate, and reenergize. Once you are strong enough - both physically and emotionally (cuz chemo gets you there, too) - you will be ready to get back and kick the dragon's butt. Remember, Lance Armstrong spends a lot of months in training before he goes after the Tour de France!

Be well.

- SpongeBob

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Hiya Nettie.....you know the strangest thing going off chemo was being sad for me. In a really strange sort of way I felt lost. y clinic nurses told me that it is not an uncommon thing. As you said....being off chemo seems that you are not doing enough........I explained it as "losing my safety net" even tho in reality I hated it and never want to do it again! Crazy...ain't it.
look after yourself and relish the chemo free days......I am sure you earnt it!
love, kanga n Jen

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